Monday, January 4, 2016

Squirrelfish Life

This is a squirrel:

Cute, right?  Sure.  But its life sort of sucks.  It runs around naked and furry, moving nuts around.  Just moving nuts from place to place.

After Day.
After Day.

Yeah... I know what I just said.  Calm down, perverts.

Anyway, squirrels are adorable or whatever, but I wouldn't want to be one.  But lately I definitely feel like one.  Though I am not naked and furry moving nuts around (there, I did it again), there are similarities, TRUST ME.

I love STUFF.  My stuff, specifically.  So I find myself day in and day out, running around putting stuff away, "tidying," decluttering, whatever you want to call it. And it is just starting to feel absurd. What am I doing, really, besides moving an object from one place to another, because in one place it makes me feel like I'm tidy and in another place it makes me feel like I'm not tidy, and for what?

I clean and tidy NONSTOP.  It's miserable. And lately I just feel like a stupid squirrel.  Why am I moving all my stuff from place to place? It just gets moved again.  Then days and days go by. And I tell myself, "I'll do X once the place is in good shape" or whatever. And guess what? It's NEVER perfect. I just squirrel... and squirrel... and squirrel.

A squirrels life is NO LIFE for a human.

I think for a long time I thought I just needed the best storage solutions ever, or a bigger place.  I think the fact is, I'd probably fill any storage space or any sized home with more stuff.

Because guess what?

This is a goldfish:

And I'm kind of like one of those too.  You see, apparently goldfish grow to fit whatever sized space they are in.

I TOTALLY GET THAT.  Because evidently, I do the same damn thing.

So now I have to ask myself, do I love my stuff so much that I want to spend my days shuffling it around like a squirrel? Or do I want to do actual fun things and have experiences with my family?

The answer is, I want to squirrel less FOR SURE. But I do love my stuff.  So I need to strike some sort of balance.

What's my solution for this problem?

HA! Did you think this was the type of blog entry that solved a problem? Sorry, you'll need Pinterest for that. I am so not that person. I don't really have a steadfast solution to this.

So far, I've been checking out different Facebook groups and blogs that are run entirely by robot people who are completely not-squirrel or goldfish like, who seem to have no material attachments whatsoever, but are still not completely Buddhist-like, so they have computers and Internet access.

Fortunately I also have friends to talk to, since none of them want to be squirrels, either.

So it seems I have some serious thinking to do. And planning. And I'll keep updating on my progress, if I have any, or if I find similarities between myself and any other animals.
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