Sunday, January 3, 2016

Oh, Christmas Tree

I LOVED Christmas vacation.

It wasn't really my vacation, I suppose. And Morgan really only had a few days off. But having Aias home from school and being able to spend every day with both children is always my favourite. It's not to say they are perfect, but there's something really nice about having them both under my roof at the same time.

Our Christmas tree is still up, which is super strange for us. Christmas is my favourite day ever, but then when the 26th comes along, I want every sign of Christmas GONE.  It just seems so wrong to keep it around beyond the 25th.

Normally we'd have taken it down immediately on the morning of the 26th, but this year we obviously did not.  My mother-in-law was visiting and it seemed like a boring thing to do with a houseguest. I thought we'd take it down right after she left, but Morgan got sick.  I thought we'd take it down tonight, but we aren't.   We can't take it to be recycled into wood chips until the 9th, and we can't bring our Christmas stuff back to storage until this coming weekend (it isn't open late hours during the work week), so instead of taking the ornaments off tonight, we will look at it shining bright all week, remove the ornaments Friday night, and bring it to be chipped on Saturday followed by a trip to storage with all the Christmas goodies.

Better to look at the beautifully ornamented and lit tree all week, than to look at boxes and a bare dead tree, right?

I really liked it this year.

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