Friday, June 27, 2014

Strawberry Picking and Custom Canning Labels from Lovable Labels (Win!)

Strawberry picking is my favourite June activity.  A few years ago we went crazy on the berries and ended up bringing home something like 30lbs of berries and made lots of Sugar Free Stevia Jam! 

This year I had Azi on my back, and Aias delighted in helping pick and "samlpling" the berries.  Even a selective eater like Aias can't seem to resist the sweet magic that are field berries. We got fewer berries but it was a blast all the same.

Riding in the wagon, "protecting" the berries and "testing them" for "safety"


Licking strawberry juice off his tiny toes
We were going to make more this year, but decided to keep it even simpler, so we made Strawberry Coulis, Strawberry Butter, Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble, and Strawberry Muffins.

 The coulis and butter were so delicious, we decided to package them for a few friends.  To make them extra cute, we used Lovable Labels Custom Canning Labels!

Jar Toppers, Jar Labels, and Write-On Labels Pictured
You can have the labels say anything you like, but I thought "Spread the Love" was particularly cute. 

 There are three types of custom labels to choose from:

1.  Jar Toppers (includes 24 labels): Round Labels (personalized) for the tops of jars

2.  Jar Labels (includes 28 labels): Rectangular Labels (personalized) for the sides of jars

3.  Write-On Labels (includes 45 labels):  rectangle lables meant to be written on over and over again with a dry-erase marker

These labels are safe for dishwasher, microwave, fridge and freezer, and cost$14.95 per pack. 

You can also get 10% off using the code MonikaWLB

Enter to win a package below as well!

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Give the Teachers What They Want: A Comedian's Perspective

Ok, so normally I don't swear too much in my posts, then every once in a while you have something like this.

But now it's time for some swears, boys and girls.  You see, some situations warrant it.   And right now the situation of the British Columbia Public School System is definitely to the point of swearing.  

I was browsing Facebook the other night when I saw Wes Borg's rant about the whole situation.  I feel like he nailed it in a way that is not only true, but also in a way that made me LOL, which was a nice alternative to reading something about the strike that just made me want to cry.  So I asked him if I could blog it, and he said yes.  So now you can enjoy it here, swears and all.  

You may want to put down your drink and go pee before you read this.

You're welcome.


A rare (I promise) and unsolicited rant from this particular comedian:

Pay the fucking teachers. Shut the fuck up and pay them a lot of money. 

Don't hesitate. Don't argue. Just suck it up and give the fucking teachers whatever they fucking want.

An educated public commits less crime, makes more money, and has a lower birth rate. They probably even fucking swear less often.

Education is the magic fucking bullet to get us out of the economic, political and environmental shitstorm we are about to be swimming in. 

Education is not just the magic fucking bullet, it's our ONLY fucking bullet.

There are currently 7 billion people on this planet. 

In the year 2000, there were 6 billion. 

That's a BILLION extra people since Destiny's Child was a thing. 

Wrap your fucking mind around that one. 

During Beyoncé's career, from "Bootylicious" to "Drunk in Love", the world's population increased by over 16%. (Don't blame Beyoncé, she's just trying to entertain the nice people with her music and titties.)

Oh, and the oceans are about to start rising, flooding cities and wiping out entire fucking islands over the next 50 years. It's going to happen, and we have NO IDEA how to even just SLOW IT DOWN.

So we are about to have way too many people living on less and less land.

How the FUCK do you think that's gonna work out?!

Oh, and we're almost out of oil.

Now obviously "the rich are going to move to the higher ground" (Geoff Berner) and start shooting anyone who comes near the compound, and religious fanatics are going to say it's God's Will or some other stupid shit, but the only hope for the rest of us is that the kids growing up today get fucking smart, fucking fast.

We need the best fucking teachers we can find and we need to fucking give them whatever they fucking want. 

If teachers want oral sex every thursday at lunch, we need to make that happen. 

I'm willing to volunteer for a couple shifts a month.

If they want top hats and velvet gowns and fucking tiaras we need to find the fucking money and give it to them. 

Even if some teachers are shitty - and some of them are - at least they're showing up every day trying to make apathetic little Jimmy capable of filling out a fucking job application at Burger Hut so that maybe he can buy a shitty car and get laid instead of robbing me the night he doesn't graduate.

Hey, at least it's something. And it's a metric shit-tonne more than most of us are doing.

People don't become teachers to get rich for fuck's sake. 

Do you know a rich teacher? Have you ever seen a teacher who owns a boat?

People become teachers because they genuinely WANT to do that shitty shitty job. 

They actually WANT to teach your darling little fucked up, lazy, A.D.H.D., video game addicts at least SOME of the knowledge humans have managed to gather over the last 200 000 fucking years.

And if you don't have kids, well then the next time you're out and you see a little 5 year old on a swing, you just imagine him stealing your car in 10 years. 

You want that? 


Well then do you wanna teach all the little potential juvenile delinquents in your neighbourhood fucking grammar and Newton's Laws of Motion? You know… the laws that helped us figure out how to get to the fucking MOON back when we gave a shit about doing that.

Do you wanna teach that complicated, important, boring shit to a bunch of snot-nosed, disaffected children?

Because if you do, I guarantee that if you don't get a decent wage, small class sizes, a winter break and 2 months off in the summer you will put a bullet through your own fucking head.


Wes Borg is a Canadian comedian, playwright and musician from Edmonton, best known as a member of the comedy troupe Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie. Borg now resides in Victoria, British Columbia.  You can hear more of his hilarity by buying his album here:

The guy is hilarious. 
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Sunday, June 8, 2014

On Blog Neglect and The Good Life

I will credit Carli of One Fit Mom with coining the term "blog neglect."  I am totally guilty of it.

I have not been updating because to be honest, I definitely suffer from:

1.  Being too busy to blog when my life is actually interesting
2.  Not being interesting enough when I actually have time to blog

I have no idea how successful bloggers manage to actually live their lives interestingly and still have time to write about their interesting lives.

Life has actually been incredibly fantastic lately.  Azi was born on December 27th and even though we were expecting life to become crazy and hectic with the arrival of a new baby, it seems we were so prepared for the worst that we managed to bypass it entirely.  Azi has been a pleasure, and Aias has been as well.  Morgan has been fortunate enough to have been able to take 8 months of the parental leave, and we have just been spending our time enjoying our new family and enjoying our lives.

Sort of boring to read about, I guess.  But yes, life has been very good as of late.  Nothing particularly splendid has happened, but being together in a lovely city is splendid in and of itself, I suppose.

2014 has been very good to us.

My little box children

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Join Avon for Free Now

Hey everyone, here's another Avon post.  I was not compensated to post this, however, my best friend And Mommy Makes 3 is a representative for Avon so I have blogged quite a bit about it.  Right now you can sign up for 100% free (it's normally $10).  Check it out!

For a Limited Time – JOIN AVON FREE!

You read that right! There is absolutely no charge to join. Whether you want to create some extra income for yourself by becoming a representative or if you’d like to open your own account to shop for yourself with a personal discount, Christine Fretwell can get you going for no cost at all.

Included right now, you will also receive your “New Rep Kit” completely free, and be eligible for a Beautiful set of Sterling Silver Jewelry, free with your first order!

For more details and to get this deal, contact Christine Fretwell at You can also find her on “Facebook."

Christine can help anyone, anywhere in Canada start their own business, save on personal purchases and reach their dreams. All for free.

Mention “” when you contact her and she’s also going to throw in a special gift for you when you join for free!

Some things you might not know:

- Avon Canada is celebrating 100 years – so the deals for reps right now are endless.
- Avon sells 4 lipsticks every second globally.
- Avon’s Representatives are not required to host parties or carry any inventory.
- Avon has no pressuring quotas, but lots of perks when you do go above and beyond.
- Save BIG on all of your own purchases and earn up to 50% on everything you sell.

To see Avon’s latest brochure

Free Offer Ends June 16, 2014

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