Monday, May 12, 2014

A Happy Little Rainbow Swamp Bath

Aias is obsessed with mixing colours. 

I was at Target in Bellingham, WA yesterday and I stumbled upon a package of these little Crayola Bath Dropz.  I checked them out on EWG and they seemed reasonably benevolent, so I figured sure, why not. My package came with 60 tablets for just $3.39, so I decided they were worth a try.

They are a very simple concept, conventional dye mixed with sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, lactose, polyethylene glycol, and mineral oil.  They mix together really nicely, and they fizz.

He really enjoyed them.  I'd probably buy them again. 

He's lined up his smiley little containers and filled them with color drops

Carefully placed red, red + yellow, yellow...

...yellow + blue, blue, blue + red


I think you are really supposed to give them one or two drops total per bath, just to give the colour a hue.  However, Aias's inner scientist required like 20 drops total.  The bathtub ended up looking like a swamp, but shockingly enough, it didn't stain. Phew.
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Friday, May 9, 2014

Apologies to the Ergo

Before Aias was born, I purchased the Ergo.  I was super pumped to babywear.

Lo and behold, Aias did NOT like babywearing. He did not like the Moby. He did not like the Ergo. He did not like the Beco.

We only wore our "pricey" Ergo twice.  Morgan wore it once, I wore it once, only to try it on, listen to my kid scream, and never again.  

For some reason, I specifically hated the Ergo with a passion. And it really annoyed me that everyone else seemed to praise it extensively.  I couldn't figure out why I was the only one in the world to hate the Ergo. 

Then there was the drama of me trying to sell it which did not work out.

So the Ergo sat in my closet, in the box, virtually new. FOR YEARS.

When Azi was a few weeks old, I figured, what the heck, I'm going to try this thing.

Guess what you guys?


I really love it. And I feel terrible because in the past 4 years, I have probably told 100 people how horrible it is, and that they should buy a Beco instead.  And that doesn't even count the thousands of people who saw me trash it online.  Oh, the guilt.

It turns out the Ergo is actually way more comfy than the Beco.  I think I loved the Beco because it has that little piece of fabric between the baby and yourself, and because the infant insert was a lot easier. HOWEVER... the Ergo is super easy to nurse in, and it has a pocket for your phone, keys, debit card, and a diaper.

The best part?

AIAS NOW LOVES THE ERGO.  Yes, at 4.5 years old, he thinks riding on my back in the Ergo is the best thing in the world.  And you don't have to do anything fancy to switch from 4 month old on the front to 4.5 year old on the back. It's a quick switch, easy as pie.

The Ergo has made my day-to-day life about 100x easier.  I wear it inside, I wear it outside, I don't leave the house without it.

The Ergo is awesome after all, and now I am feeling super guilty that I repeatedly trashed it for 4 years, especially when I know people take my opinion on baby products pretty seriously.

I'm so sorry, Ergo. I promise to spread the Ergo love far and wide, and to not suggest people buy a Tula or Beco instead.  I am even going to purchase a second Ergo. Hell, maybe a third.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

My First DIY Diaper Cake

Today I got to do something cheesy that I have always wanted to do: make a diaper cake for a baby shower. 

Diaper cakes are tacky, cheesy, and hilarious. So OBVIOUSLY I have always wanted to make one.  Until now I have never gone to a baby shower for a mom who was going to use disposable diapers, and frankly, I'm probably a 6 figure income away from making a cloth diaper cake, so this was my first opportunity.

All you need to make a basic diaper cake is:

1 package of 1 Disposable Diapers (about 60 diapers)
1 package of small elastic bands
1 package of large elastic bands
Glue gun and glue sticks
Cardboard for a base
Something for the centre (usually people use a paper towel roll, but I used a bottle of Barefoot Wines Shiraz, heh heh)

The fun part is the embellishment, and for that you can use:

- Ribbon
- Small toys
- Baby washcloths
- Baby socks

Etc, etc. Whatever you want to shove on the cake to make it look amazing.

The theme of the Baby Shower is "Robots" for a baby boy, so I basically designed the entire cake based on the robot ribbon I was able to find at Michael's.  It was blue, green, and orange, so I bought some tinier solid coloured ribbons in those colours as well.  I managed to find some baby washcloths in those exact colours too!

To start, you set the centrepiece (your paper towel roll, or your wine bottle) in the centre of the cardboard base.

Next, roll up the diapers individually and secure them with a small elastic band.

When you have several diapers rolled, set them up around your centerpiece and hold them into place with a large elastic band.

Continue this until you have a bottom to the cake, then build up.  Mine ended up being 4 layers. 


Once you have the base of the cake prepared, you can just go to town decorating it. 

The biggest pro-tip I can give you is to not glue or tie anything onto the diapers, because the parents will want to dismantle the cake and use them later on.

Here's my final product, it's pretty hilarious in my opinion.  I don't have any fantasies about it appearing on Pinterest or anything, but it was a labour of love and the whole time I made it I thought of my friend, her dear family, and the sweet little boy they are welcoming soon!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dora the Explorer Sucks, Or How My 4-Year-Old Learned to Pickpocket

About 5 years ago I saw an episode of Dora the Explorer, and the map song drove me to insanity within about 7 seconds.  No map needs to be told that it is a map over and over and over again, in my humble opinion.  Narcissism, much?

I swore to myself that I would never let a child of mine watch Dora. I would not be subject to the grating song of a self-validating map in my own home.

At 4pm every day, Aias is allowed to watch a few shows if he wants. Usually he wants. 

Normally he watches My Little Pony or Curious George, which I can tolerate.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago.

4pm arrives.  We scroll through Netflix.  Aias asks to watch Dora.  Whatever, I thought, maybe he will learn Spanish. HOW BAD COULD IT BE, RIGHT?

I'm gonna teach your kids to steal!
BAD. VERY BAD. And no, he did not learn Spanish. Not a word of it.  You know what he learned about?


Yes, swiping.  Apparently the show has a foxlike thing that likes to "swipe" things. 

So while he could have been learning Spanish, or about navigation, NOPE, instead he learned about freaking stealing.

Dora the Explorer doesn't glorify stealing, and Swiper is clearly an antagonist within the context of the show, and the moral of the story is that swiping is "bad," but apparently this doesn't matter all that much with kids.

About 8 episodes total over the course of a week, and I have pulled the plug on Dora, but the swiping continues.

Now my 4-year-old prides himself in being able to carefully and effectively pickpocket, and today he grabbed a reusable coffee cup from Starbucks, brought it to the counter, and told the cashier he was going to "swipe" it.

Maybe the next show I will have him watch on Netflix will be Orange is the New Black, so he can see what happens to people that swipe.



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