Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Think Vegetables Are Good For You? Think Again

So, you think vegetables are good for you? 

You're right!

So why am I asking you to "think again"?

I'm asking you to think again because, in general, "thinking" is awesome.  Especially when you think for yourself, using a combination of common sense and knowledge you have gathered throughout your life from reputable sources.

Did you click this article because you thought I was going to try and say vegetables aren't good for you?

Well first, congratulations for clicking.  Most people wouldn't even bother. Some people would just say "OMG VEGETABLES AREN'T GOOD FOR YOU" and click the "share" button.  *shudder*

Second, congratulations for actually attempting to read the article.

Bonus points if you noticed that this is a blog.

Some people don't realize this, but ANYONE can post ANYTHING to the Internet.  I am a random person who made this blog for free.  I can write anything I want on it.  I could have written a completely BS article about how bad vegetables are for you.  I could have taken it a step further and instead of making this a parenting blog, I could have called it the "Official Vegetable Health Organization" blog or something even more impressive, to make it look like things I say about vegetables bear any weight.  Then I could have talked shit about vegetables or any other foods I wanted to, and put it out to you, and the whole Internet, with just a few clicks.

Then maybe there are a few of you who would have completely cut vegetables from your diet, and maybe you would have told your friends about what you heard, and maybe they would have, too.  The Internet can be a powerful thing.

When you see a sensationalized article about food, or anything that paints a black-and-white picture about what foods will do to you(or drugs. or activities. etc, etc), it's time to get out those thinking skills. 

Now, this doesn't mean blogs and non-professional sources are terrible for information.  It just means you may need to do some additional thinking if you read something, just to ensure you are reading something that may be of value to you instead of something that is a load of crap. 

If you want to put this to the test, go our friend Google, and type in something like:

"Dangers of eating *insert food here*"

And you will find that there is someone out there speaking out about just about everything.

It's probably not a good idea to stop eating everything, right?

So like I said earlier, "think again." Keep thinking, people, and don't stop.  I know it's easier not to think, and to just take information for face value, but in the end, you will be much happier (and probably healthier) if you just keep on thinking.

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