Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Newest Obsession: Healing Hollow Essential Oils

I'm a moderately crunchy parent, but I am also a skeptic through and through (1, 2, 3, 4).  I would never suggest anything to anyone unless I was 100% satisfied with it, and unless I was certain it wasn't some sort of scam.  I am also incredibly frugal, and I do not buy things unless they are an amazing value for the money.  So some people have told me they are surprised I recently bought some essential oils.  I want to share why I bought these oils, and how incredibly happy I am with them.  I also want to make it very clear that this is NOT a sponsored post, I am writing this post because I want to share these oils with friends and family. 

I've purchased a few roll-on essential oil blends in my life, and they live in the bathroom on a shelf just in case I want to use them, but in the past 5 years I have rarely touched them (I'm not even sure I'm supposed to have kept them this long, to he honest).  The one that has seen the most action is a Peppermint Halo blend from Saje.  It was the first essential oil blend I ever used that truly "wowed" me.  And wow me it did; I have never had a headache that wasn't almost entirely cured by that oil.  So prior to buying my newest oils, I did have some essential oil buy-in for sure.

Aias calls these my magic potions
What really reminded me of how powerful these oils can be was when I was 38 weeks pregnant with Azi and suffering from a horrible cold.  I could not sleep as my head hurt so badly and my sinuses were so dry.  I went to my bathroom cupboard and pulled out two oils; an Immunity Oil and my Peppermint Halo oil.  I used them both, and went back to bed.  About 10 minutes later I started getting really strong contractions.  I figured it must be related to the oils, so I got out of bed and messaged a friend who has some knowledge of these things, and sent her the ingredients.  She immediately told me to wash the oils off asap, as they contained an emmenagogue.  I did as I was told and within the hour the contractions stopped. It was a clear reminder of how powerful essential oils can be.

This experience intrigued me, and I started taking an interest in seeing which oils may be able to work for me in other areas of my life.  We don't suffer from many ailments, but I wanted to check out some alternative solutions that could help us in our day-to-day lives, both for us adults and for the kids. 

A friend of mine sells Healing Hollow oils and many of the local moms rave about them.  I had heard quite a bit about them over the last year, but I had never taken the plunge.  So when there was a deal being offered several weeks ago, I decided it was time. I decided to purchase:

- Magic Potion: Calms children, helps with change, full moon, anxiety. Aids in sleep.

- Rest Assured: For insomnia and sleep issues.  Promotes good sleep patterns.

Immune 5:  Prevents and treats colds, flu, coughs, congestion and sinus issues.

Toothfairy Tea: Making babies happy by relieving the pain and irritability from teething. Used for hundreds of years, this blend combines Roman and German chamomile with other calming oils to give baby complete relief.

These are the best oils around!
I did not know what to expect but I went in with an open mind and with high hopes, but also with my typical skepticism.  When they were delivered,  I put them with the others and went on with my day.

That night, I had a horrible time trying to fall asleep.  I was really quite tired, but the clock was ticking and I was just laying in bed worrying about my to-do list, Aias starting kindergarten in the fall, all the appointments and errands that were happening later in the week, etc.  I watched the clock go from 11 to 12, 12 to 1, 1 to 2, and then 2 to 3.  Suddenly I remembered I had the oils, and I figured, what the heck!

I got out of bed and opened the medicine cabinet.  I rubbed a tiny amount of Magic Potion and Rest Assured on the soles of my feet and went back to bed. Within 5 minutes, my mind was at ease.  I'm certain within 10 minutes I was asleep.

It was actually sort of dramatic.  Instead of worrying, my worries went away and I got this mental image of myself laying down on a giant, pillowy soft marshmallow, with a blanket of warm chocolate syrup.  I wasn't hallucinating or anything, I was just very peaceful.  I also felt quite warm.  It was lovely.

The next day I told Morgan, and he told me it was kind of scary that the oils made that happen, but it actually wasn't scary at all, it was really awesome.

That night I tried just Rest Assured to see if it would help me fall asleep by itself. It did, but not in the same way as when I combined it with Magic Potion.

The next night I used Magic Potion alone, and it calmed me down, and then I fell asleep on my own.

The two combined has helped immensely AND consistently on very difficult nights.

I have also been putting the Toothfairy Tea on Azi's ears, and it seems to calm him when he is very drooly and fussy about cutting his little teeth.  It is also the best smelling oil I have ever had the joy of experiencing.  I put it on his ears and Morgan picked him up and said "Wow, the baby smells amazing today!"  Pretty funny.

When I put these oils on, I can really feel them working.  The scents are strong and they stay strong.   Since I loved  them so much, I picked up another brand of essential oil roll-on at Whole Foods on impulse, hoping it would help me have more energy, and it didn't work nearly as well.  I will be sticking to Healing Hollow oils from now on.

For those of you from BC, it's another perk that Healing Hollow oils are actually made locally in Fernie, BC.  If you join their fan page, you can actually see them being mixed, and there are lots of opportunities to win oils so you can try them for yourself.  I actually won two additional oils, Retrograde and Good Life, which I look forward to trying soon!

The next oils I hope to buy will probably be Nature's Coffee, Aller Ease, and Mend Blend.  I am also dying to try the Bug Me Not. When I get around to purchasing and trying them, I will let you know if they work.  From what I have seen so far, I have no doubt that they will live up to their claims.
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