Thursday, May 8, 2014

My First DIY Diaper Cake

Today I got to do something cheesy that I have always wanted to do: make a diaper cake for a baby shower. 

Diaper cakes are tacky, cheesy, and hilarious. So OBVIOUSLY I have always wanted to make one.  Until now I have never gone to a baby shower for a mom who was going to use disposable diapers, and frankly, I'm probably a 6 figure income away from making a cloth diaper cake, so this was my first opportunity.

All you need to make a basic diaper cake is:

1 package of 1 Disposable Diapers (about 60 diapers)
1 package of small elastic bands
1 package of large elastic bands
Glue gun and glue sticks
Cardboard for a base
Something for the centre (usually people use a paper towel roll, but I used a bottle of Barefoot Wines Shiraz, heh heh)

The fun part is the embellishment, and for that you can use:

- Ribbon
- Small toys
- Baby washcloths
- Baby socks

Etc, etc. Whatever you want to shove on the cake to make it look amazing.

The theme of the Baby Shower is "Robots" for a baby boy, so I basically designed the entire cake based on the robot ribbon I was able to find at Michael's.  It was blue, green, and orange, so I bought some tinier solid coloured ribbons in those colours as well.  I managed to find some baby washcloths in those exact colours too!

To start, you set the centrepiece (your paper towel roll, or your wine bottle) in the centre of the cardboard base.

Next, roll up the diapers individually and secure them with a small elastic band.

When you have several diapers rolled, set them up around your centerpiece and hold them into place with a large elastic band.

Continue this until you have a bottom to the cake, then build up.  Mine ended up being 4 layers. 


Once you have the base of the cake prepared, you can just go to town decorating it. 

The biggest pro-tip I can give you is to not glue or tie anything onto the diapers, because the parents will want to dismantle the cake and use them later on.

Here's my final product, it's pretty hilarious in my opinion.  I don't have any fantasies about it appearing on Pinterest or anything, but it was a labour of love and the whole time I made it I thought of my friend, her dear family, and the sweet little boy they are welcoming soon!

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