Friday, April 4, 2014

Rolling Gourmet Fusion: Best Food Truck Ever

I don't even care about the hyperbole in my title, I am pretty sure it's actually just the truth.

Portland has delicious food trucks.  It also has a LOT of food trucks.  They are delicious, they are plenty, they are inexpensive.  I am spending a lot of time this week considering how we could just move to Portland forever.

Since arriving in Portland, we have only eaten one meal that did not come out of a truck.  As far as I'm concerned, from a truck or otherwise. all food in Portland is superior to non-Portland food, and for the rest of my life I will evaluate food through that binary.

While we have yet to meet a Portland food we didn't like, I have to say, Rolling Gourmet Fusion has been the best thus far.

Last night I ordered this:

 And brought it back to our hotel and ate it with free beer and wine.

And this afternoon, I ordered it AGAIN. WHO DOES THAT? Me, that's who. And it was well worth it. 

 My only regret is that this food truck is not in Vancouver.

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