Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Saga of "The Levels"

Aias received an Ematic FunTab Pro Android tablet for kids for Christmas this year.  I wasn't sure if it was going to be a hit or not, but it turns out he probably needs some sort of video game addiction rehab as a result (that's the topic of another post I'm sure).

The tablet was preloaded with tons of games.  One of the games, Where's My Water, that was put out by Disney, has quickly become an obsession of his.  Morgan and him spent like 2 weeks of evenings getting through the levels, collecting all the "goodies," and getting it completely unlocked.  It's pretty much all I heard about for the 2 weeks.  I was cool with it though because he's only allowed to play when it's dark and because Aias's ability to complete all the levels absolutely astounds us, especially because we created a being that is now old enough to play video games and solve puzzles (again, the topic of another post I'm sure).

Aias suddenly asked Morgan a few days ago if he could DELETE all the progress in the game so he could start over.  I thought this was a bad idea from the start and that he wouldn't realize how final the action would be, but Morgan wanted to give him a chance to make the decision. 

The thing is, Aias is often sure of things, as 4-year-olds are, and then when they are irreparably followed through on, he's suddenly not so sure.

Since he kept begging, and I kept thinking it was a bad idea, we asked Aias to make his request on video so that he could watch the video later in case he changed his mind and got furious with Morgan for deleting the levels.


So Morgan set forth to reset the game. It was a huge process which required ducks being poked in a certain order and the software repeatedly asking "Are you sure?"  Morgan had Aias complete each step and kept reminding him of how permanent the reset would be.

Aias lasted about a day being ok with it and now he has insisted Morgan either complete all the levels himself or sit and watch him do it, which I pretty much predicted would happen.  He denies the claim that he asked the levels to be reset.
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