Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The 26 Things in My Diaper Bag (Yeah, I Know)

This post is half-inspired by Holly over at Our Holly Days, and half inspired by Morgan who is constantly wondering why my purses and diapers bags feel like they are loaded with bricks.

I decided I would dump my bag and show you what's inside!

Here's the bag:

This Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Diaper Bag in Wave Dot is my primary bag.

Here's why it's so heavy:


 I will now justify all the things:

1.  Wet bag: for all things pee, poop, and puke. This one is from Alva Baby and it's actually the best quality one I have, that has lasted through the most disgusting of situations.  It's also the cheapest one I own. Go figure. They cost around $6 each and I think it cost me 17 cents to have it shipped here. Ridiculous.

2.  Contoured pre-fold diapers from Happy Baby Cheeks, our Vancouver Diaper Service (if you sign up with them, pleeeeease tell them Monika Whitney sent you!).

3.  Muslin blanket: in case Azi gets distracted while nursing.

4.  Disposable diaper: just in case.

5.  Vancouver City Passport:   coupons to awesome attractions in the city.  You can buy this at the Lookout at Harbour Centre.

6.  Caboo tissues for runny noses and other such incidents.  These are made from bamboo and very soft.

7.  Avon Skin So Soft hand lotion

8.  Avon Sweet Honesty Purse ConcentrĂ©: in case I get puked on or end up in a smelly situation (the possibility of puke has motivated many of my purse items).  I actually dislike 99.9% of scents but for some odd reason I love this one.

9.  2 Avon Lip balms: Deep Kiss Lip Dew and Avon Naturals Kids Magnificent Mango

10.  Avon Mini Anti-Bacterial Holder and Avon Naturals Cucumber Melon Mini Antibacterial Hand Gel.  I know not all bugs need drugs, but you should see some of the public bathrooms we use...

11.  Spare fleece soaker from Sarah's Stitches (her stuff is rad, I reviewed it here)

12.  Chux pad left over from my home birth.  These are amazing if you find yourself in one of those aforementioned disgusting bacteria-filled public washrooms.

13.  Spare sleeper

14.  My wallet.  If I were to open this up and show you everything in it, we'd be here all day.  There are cards for everything now.

15.  Business cards for my business, Parent Perks - 100% Free Gift Bags for Vancouver Parents!

16.  Avon travel screwdriver. It's been in there for less than two weeks and I've already used it twice.

17.  Pen

18.  Tiny slippers from Shoes Zoo, mostly there to hold socks on.  I did a review on them, too!

19.  Aleva Naturals Baby Wipes which are made of bamboo and don't have any nasty chemicals in them.

20.  Fleece mittens, for keeping hands warm and for preventing face scratching.

21.  Baby washclothes from Bamboobino

22.  A back-up portable device charger for my phone, as well as the cord and attachments.  You'll be shocked to hear this is from Avon! These are regularly $19.99 which is a bargain, but for a few more weeks they are actually on sale for $14.99.  They also work with Aias's tablet.

23.  Chico bag!  Chico bags are absolutely, 100% the best re-usable bags EVER.  I usually have 2-3 of them with me.  Since discovering them I have about a 99% success rate at bringing my own fabric bag.  They sell these ones at Whole Foods for $2.99 which is a great deal.

24.  Change pouch: ok guys, I swear this is where the bulk of the weight comes from! This thing is packed, even though every few days I go through it and I take all the quarters and loonies out and put them aside for laundry.

25.  First Aid Kit:  Yeah, I carry a small First Aid kit with me.  And I'm always handing out bandages as a result.

P.S. The Change pouch and First Aid Kit pouch are actually reusable Snack Sacks from Sarah's Stitches.  Right now (and I guess until the foreseeable future?) they are actually Buy 3 get one Free, AND free shipping.  They only cost $4 each, too!

26. FINALLY: my keys.  Morgan makes fun of these, too.  Yeah, I know they are a little large, but I swear I need all those keys!

There you have it, folks!  I know it's a lot of crap to tote around, but leave me alone ;) 
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