Monday, February 3, 2014

New Baby No Nursery

We live downtown in one of the most expensive but beautiful cities in the world.  Our neighbourhood is gorgeous. We can walk to the beach, to a world famous city park, and to get our groceries.

We don't, however, have much space.  As of now there are four of us sharing two bedrooms in an apartment that is tight, but actually bigger than many (which is hard to believe sometimes).

Friends and family from places where everyone has a house have sometimes asked us how we do it.  This has been brought up recently because of the arrival of our new baby, because it can be hard for some people to imagine missing out on what has become a modern ritual or rite of passage of setting up a nursery for a new baby.

In a smallish space, I found my nesting instinct did somewhat long for a nursery, but only when I let myself get envious of others who were setting their own nurseries up.  I had to catch myself on that when it happened.  Instead of setting up a baby specific space, I found myself setting up my entire home so that all four of us would be comfy when family member number four arrived.

As for where we put baby's things? Here are some pictures.

This is clean baby clothing.  Yep.  It lives unfolded in his basket in the living room. 

Our beloved swing/bouncer combo. PERFECT size for apartments!

Receiving blankets, bibs, etc. On the bookshelf in a basket in our living room.
Pack and Play is in our bedroom next to our bed. It's the change table and where he naps. Our bed has just a sheet on it since I co-sleep with him so that means no blanket. And look, it's the baby!

Breast pump and socks live in this bin on our kitchen table.  
Which by the way, is also in our living room.
Here is where diapers live.  We have a diapers, wipes, tons of covers, some sposies for night, many wet bags, etc.  There are some swaddling blankets in the bin on the bottom. You can also see our bin, our Snuza, and that horrible dresser that desperately needs replacing.
This bike also lives in my living room / kitchen / hall.  Thus proving I love my partner very deeply. But I digress.

And here's the baby, who spends his time on me :)

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