Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Help for Baby Avery and Family

I want to dedicate this post to fellow blogger and friend, Irene Rodda from The Crafting Hobbit.

Back when my Opa died in 2011, Irene, her husband Ben, and her young son Garrett travelled to my hometown to be with me at his funeral. They knew I was having a really rough time with it and my partner was unable to come with me.  They helped me through that really painful time by bringing a small gift for Aias, sitting with me, and keeping my spirits up. It was so amazing to have a friend around, especially because my whole family was suffering and I didn't want to unload on them during that difficult time.

Right now Irene and her family are having a similarly difficult time.  In August they found out they were having twins.  A few weeks later, one of their twins was lost.  The remaining twin, Baby Avery, was expected to be born in early May, but due to various complications he was born 15 weeks early, at 25 weeks 4 days gestation, this past January 25th, 2014.

No mother should ever have to be in this position, looking into a NICU box at their helpless newborn.

Baby Avery is stable, but he has a long road ahead of him.  He will be in the NICU for a very long time.

I asked Irene if it would be ok if we set up a fundraiser for the family to help with things like bills, groceries, and other incidentals so that they don't have to have additional financial stress on top of all the expected stresses that go along with the shocking birth of a micro preemie. She was honoured and beyond grateful, as the bills are rolling in. 

If you are a parent you know how heart wrenching it would be to have to leave your tiny, fragile, and vulnerable newborn behind at the hospital.  The fear, the sadness, and the unknown can be crippling to a family during a time like this.  While we can't take away their pain, I hope that through fundraising we can make this journey at least a tinier bit easier on this family.

Friends of ours, Dennis and Mistin Wilkinson made this video to help share Avery's story and to help us spread the word about our fundraiser. Please share this touching video and fundraiser with friends and family, and if you can contribute financially, please know that the money is going to a great cause and a great family.

Yougcaring.com takes 0% of the donated funds, and the money is accessible immediately to Irene through her Pay Pal account. Any amount of money is appreciated and will be well spent.

If you are local to Memphis, TN (or even if you aren't local but are willing to ship), they are also in desperate need of baby items. They donated all of the items they had from their older son, Garrett, to other new families. They were planning on buying new things for Baby Avery but of course they did not have time as he arrived 3.5 months early and in those first few months of pregnancy Irene was very ill and also taking care of Garrett.

Please contact us if you would like to donate items or if you have any other questions about this fundraiser.

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