Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sarah's Stitches: Awesome Stuff!

So this isn't a product review, and it's definitely not a sponsored post.  I've just been thinking lately about this shop and I wanted to get the word out there about it.

It's on my mind because these just arrived in the mail:

Four beautiful, well-made, hand crafted snack (or makeup, or whatever) bags from Sarah's Stitches. I first learned about Sarah's shop on Livejournal years ago.  Before Aias was born, I ordered a bunch of fleece soakers from her.  I still have them, all ready to be used on Baby #2.  They, too, are beautiful, well-made, hand crafted and awesome (see pics below).

I guess what I love about this site is um, everything.  First off, you can tell Sarah is a good hearted,  hard working, and honest person.  Her prices are *beyond* fair. For the most part, I don't think you could make these things yourself for her prices.

These snack bags were (and are) on sale for buy 3 get 1 free, and the prices are just $3-$4 each anyhow. I've made a buttload of snack bags... trust me, if I had known I could have gotten them for $3-$4 each, I would have made zero. Her fabrics are adorable and these things are durable.  The shipping was also free.

Second, her wet bags are pretty famous. No, seriously.  Most of my friends online have purchased their wet bags from Sarah.  She makes them in tons of prints, tons of sizes, and once again, they are beyond affordable.

Third, this sort of makes my heart swell, but Sarah makes weighted blankets for kids who had Sensory Processing Disorder or who are on the spectrum.  These are expensive, time consuming, and difficult to make.  Not only does she make them, but she sells them on a sliding scale because she wants to make sure financial trouble doesn't keep your child from having one.

Fourth, you can buy items on her site for donation, so that people who want to cloth diaper can be given items. You can either purchase items that you want to be donated, or if you are in need, you can order them for your family.

Finally... this is probably my favourite product of hers even though I don't own any (heh).  I have a family child care and often have kids with cloth diapers. I know it's a policy in most child cares and day care centres that if your child uses cloth diapers, you have an individual wet bag for EACH soiled diaper.  Sarah sells small wet bags for individual diapers for only $6 each!  Your child care provider will thank you if you purchase these, even if they aren't required.  Small wet bags are also super convenient to stuff in your diaper bag for trips out.

Please check out her site first if you are shopping for any of the following baby items; she's a work-from-home mom who hand crafts these items herself and buying from her is really and truly directly supporting a small business.

Sarah's Stitches also sells:

- Snack bags
- Zippered Wet Bags
- Pail liners (these are hard to find!)
- Fleece soakers, pants, and shorts
- Naked time mats
- Quilts
- Wool play food
- Ribbon lovies
- Fleece liners for cloth diapers

Here are some pictures of the soakers I ordered for Aias in 2009.  They have endured MANY MANY MANY washes and dries.  They have been used over fitted covers, but you can get Sarah to add snaps or velcro for an extra bit of money and they would be great for over prefolds as well. 

They'd also actually be pretty good as training pants on an older child.

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