Thursday, November 7, 2013

You Know You Are Best Friends with the Avon Lady When...

You know you are best friends with the Avon lady when...

W00t w00t w00t w00t w00t!

My order has arrived! Here's what I got:

- Avon Bubble Delight in Peppermint Vanilla and Cucumber Melon
- Avon Naturals Kids Shampoo & Conditioner in Banana and Apple
- The holiday minis!  4 hand creams, 4 lip balms, and 4 bubble delights!
- Avon Speed Dry 30 in a bright red colour
- A GIANT bottle of Skin So Soft (because I intend to do experiments with it hehehehe)

There's also a hand soap wrapped up like a cute penguin to put up in my co-op common room.  I totally want to steal it but I won't ;)

The Bubble Delight is because I want to try the things on this list and the Skin So Soft is because I want to try the things on this list.

Remember, if you want to hear more about buying or selling Avon, please contact Chris at the Comfort and Beauty blog!

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