Saturday, November 16, 2013

Avon Minis Photoshoot

Some Avon arrived at my place today. It's actually supposed to go to And Mommy Makes 3 but I don't know, should I keep it and just cut contact off with her ;) Just kidding.

But seriously, I thought these bottles were going to be way smaller. They are a decent size and I almost want to eat them.  I am so happy I ordered my own set of the minis.  I was going to give them as gifts but I'm a little scared they are all going to become gifts for myself.

THEY ARE SO CUTE! And the lip balms... I know first hand they are tasty!

Edited to add: Ok, the Apple Pie bubble bath is AMAZING.  I'm going to order hoards more for myself.  I was going to use the bubble bath to wash my floors but I'm not gonna lie, it's coming in the tub with me.  I couldn't help but drink the Avon Kool-Aid apparently!

If you want to sell Avon or buy Avon or learn about Avon, please contact Chris at Comfort and Beauty. 
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