Monday, October 21, 2013

Home Birth Supplies

I'm finally sorting out home birth supplies!

From left to right:

- A gender neutral padded muslin blanket and bunny I bought for the baby
- The towel Aias was wrapped in when he was first born
- A stack of receiving blankets
- Aquaborn pool liner
- Rubber gloves
- 4x4 gauze
- Large green waterproof pads
- Medium blue waterproof pads

From left to right:

- 2 Rapid Cold Packs
- Arnica tablets
- Rescue remedy spray
- 5 pairs of really huge pads
- 4 pairs of disposable gauze underwear
- 4 large black plastic bags
- 2 large clear plastic bags
- 2 packs of super maxi pads
- 2 "water proof sheets"
which don't look like sheets at all
- 1 peri bottle
- 2 plastic painting tarps
- straws
- more 4x4 gauze
- A 450mL bottle Chlorhexidine gluconate solution
- A shower curtain
- Absorbant blue bath robe


Everything in one picture.

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