Sunday, October 20, 2013

An Avon Party with And Mommy Makes 3

Tonight I went to my first ever Avon party!

I know, I know. An Avon party sounds really out of character for me.  We do "no poo" in this house and we clean everything with natural substances using cleaners we make ourselves.  We barely use bath products and I think I can count on one hand the amount of times Aias has had shampoo and soap on him. I seem like a really unlikely person to attend an Avon party.

I hadn't actually given Avon a thought since I was about 10 years old, sifting through the bottles of Skin-So-Soft in my Oma's bathroom cabinet.  She used to rub it all over us instead of bug spray, and even now if I take a sniff of it and close my eyes, it's like a summer night and I'm 7 years old sitting around a bonfire at our beach house.  I also remember the seasonal lip balms and earrings from my childhood, not only from around my own home but in the homes of childhood friends.  But had I thought about Avon between then and now? Definitely not.

When And Mommy Makes 3 told me she was going to be selling Avon, I was really surprised.  Mostly because she barely ever wears makeup, so I couldn't figure out why she would want to sell it. Turns out Avon sells WAY more than makeup.  No, seriously. They sell makeup, yes, but they also sell bath products, jewelry, clothing, shoes, home products, kitchen stuff, electronics, and toys.  I had no clue.

Since And Mommy Makes 3 is my best friend, I decided I was going to learn about Avon and give her whatever help I could in her quest to be the Avon Lady.  I had no idea I would actually like... possibly LOVE... Avon as much as I have started to!

Here are a few things I want to share about Avon.... keep in mind this is NOT a sponsored post, I'm writing it entirely because I was actually super surprised I took to Avon so quickly.

1.  As I said above, Avon sells way more than makeup.  They also sell bath products, jewelry, clothing, shoes, home products, kitchen stuff, electronics, and toys.

2.  Avon is affordable.  It's nothing like the prices you'll find in a Tupperware catalogue. They also have tons of deals, sales, clearance, etc.

3.  Avon is not sketchy at all, and it isn't a rip-off to start selling Avon. I remember a friend had to pay tons of money up front to sell Mary Kay. Avon isn't like that.  You don't have to buy any stock up front at all. In fact, it only costs $10 to start selling Avon and that's just a registration fee.  Lots of times throughout the year, they even waive that fee. 

4.  Avon doesn't test on animals. 

5.  Avon's nail polish doesn't contain formaldehyde!  I was so surprised when I heard this, especially because Avon nail polish is super affordable; full price is normally about $7, but it almost always goes on sale for around $3 a bottle.  The Avon Speed Dry 30, while it takes about 60 seconds to dry (but who is counting?) is pretty much the only reason why I have time to paint my nails.  And it actually lasts longer than you'd think!

So blah blah blah Avon.  Here are some pictures from the party.  This was actually an incredibly well done party, in my opinion. I know it was my first and only party, but usually when you go to these independent seller parties for a business there are catalogues to look at but no actual products.  And Mommy Makes 3 really outdid herself.

There were prizes and I was thrilled we won one of them. Actually, Aias won one of them :)

A scrubbber brush, bubble bath, bath paints, and lip balm.
Aias had a blast with them. I had to steal away the bubble bath to make sure some was spared (come on 4 year old, bubble bath is not single use) but I was shocked beyond belief that even though I let him go hog-wild on that bath paint, there was tons left when he was done.

You can check out And Mommy Makes 3's Avon blog, Comfort and Beauty, here by the way.  And if you live in Canada and want to sell Avon, please consider emailing her. She's honest, super down to earth, and will be able to chat with you to help you decide if it's right for you.

If you are shy about that, I'll give you a little information to start with. It's actually fairly simple to get started.  From what I understand you pay the $10 registration fee and then you are given support tools, both online and in print, to help you get started.  You don't need to buy a single thing up front, and you start with basic discounts on the products.  So for example it's 25% off health and beauty products to start.  So if a product in the catalogue costs $10, and a customer buys it, you get $2.50 to keep for yourself.  In fact, the amount of money that gets sent to Avon is only the $7.50.  The more you sell and the longer you sell, the higher % off you get, I think up to 45% of something (I'm guessing).  So it's a pretty reasonable commission system.

I've rambled long enough, but I just feel like Avon is pretty cool.  The products are fun and inexpensive, and you may just want to give them a try. 

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