Friday, September 27, 2013

The Best Baby Cleaner in the World: Yours, for FREE!!!

I'm here to tell you about the best baby cleaner in the whole world. Better than soap, shampoo, baby wash, etc. Better than all of it.

I'm serious, you guys. 

What is it?


Yep, you heard me correctly. Plain old water.  Clean water, preferably.

The reality is, there's absolutely no reason to use soap, shampoo, or baby wash on your baby, unless you want to do it for your own entertainment or enjoyment.  It may be fun to lather the soap up on a baby, but don't do it for their sake.    Your baby doesn't have hormones or adult sweat making it stinky.  They don't get into anything that good old fashioned water can't "chisel" away.  There's nothing on your baby that can't be cleaned off 100% with water, and there's really no chemical, benevolent or otherwise, that when combined with water is going to do much of a better job at baby-cleaning.

Trust me, water does a kick ass job.

They call soft skin "baby soft" and say that people with beautiful skin have "skin like a baby" because baby skin is awesome.  You don't need to be scrubbing it with anything.

Worried about poo and pee on your baby? Water. 

Worried about germs on your baby? Water.

Worried about spit up on your baby? Water.

Is your baby super messy? LOTS of water. 

Is your baby super, duper messy? LOTS of water for a LONG time.

Water is awesome.  And you may as well take advantage of this time in their lives where they are going to save you money on sundries, because once they hit puberty, you aren't going to get off so easy.

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