Friday, September 13, 2013

I Win at SPUD

I really love SPUD.  There's something about having groceries delivered to your home that makes them taste more delicious. 

We've never gotten SPUD on a regular basis because we live within a 5 minute walk to two Safeways, No Frills, and a Whole Foods; but also because I LOVE grocery shopping.  However, every once in a while our schedules warrant it. 

I think the prices look somewhat expensive at a glance but they are totally on par with what you'd spend at Whole Foods or Choices on organic and speciality foods.  You also save the money you may spend on impulse buys if you are prone to them, which I totally am.  Not to mention the time you save, and transportation costs if those apply to you when you shop.

I wanted to share this recent invoice from them, because it sort of made me feel like I win at SPUD. 

Crazy right? It's like I was extreme couponing except without the paper coupons and without having to store thousands of rolls of toilet paper in my apartment.  Incidentally, my browser is telling me that couponing is not a word, go figure.

SPUD delivers local, organic produce and groceries right to my door.  If you are looking for SPUD Vancouver discounts or codes, look no further!

You can get $20 off when you use my discount code.


1. Go to and  "Sign Up"
2. Enter your information and add referral code CRVAN-DALMOR to the field marked "Referral Code"
3. This referral code entitles you to $20 off your first order.
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