Friday, June 28, 2013

The Baby Stuff We Want Next Time

Since my last entry was about basic baby stuff that we did or didn't use, I thought I'd write about the stuff we are definitely getting for next time.

I talked about a Baby Registry in my last post but the funny thing is, this time around I won't actually be making one.  Two reasons for this:

1.  We have the vast majority of stuff we need
2.  The stuff we want this time around is sort of specific and expensive, so we will just buy it ourselves

I feel like now that I've already done round #1 of parenting, I'm entering into this from a more informed and experienced perspective; this time around, I know what I want.  I didn't have a clue before.

Here are the items we want this time around, and most importantly, why we are getting them. P.S. I'm going to use my Amazon Affiliate links, in case my SEO works magic ;)

1. Diono Radian RXT Storm Convertible Car Seat (Storm)

Aias's current car seat is the same, except for the company used to be called "Sunshine Kids."  We love this car seat because your kid can basically rear face in it forever.  It's also really narrow so you can actually fit three of them in the backseat of a typical car.  This car seat is also rated from newborn.  We're slightly skeptical of how a newborn will fit in it, but we are going to give it a go.  So far our previous Radian has been a great investment.  It's also VERY easy to use, and comfortable.  Aias loves it. He's 3.5 and still rear facing!

2. Stokke Tripp Trapp Classic High Chair

Our apartment is small and for a long time we had a Fisher Price high chair.  It was a great high chair for sure; comfortable, very easy to clean, etc.  Over time, I grew very resentful of how hideous and plastic it was and how much space it took up.  And that's just our superficial reason for wanting a Stokke Tripp Trapp, which obviously looks way better than a plastic high chair. Since Aias has been having some sensory issues with regard to eating, I recently took a workshop through the Centre for Ability here in BC, and the Occupational Therapists strongly suggest kids use a high chair similar to the Tripp Trapp for several reasons. First, there is a place for the children to put their feet flat.  This is very important for their focus while they are eating' dangling legs distract.  Second, The seat is half-sized, so it pushes them right up to the table or tray where they are eating.  Third, it is adjustable for size and age.

If the Tripp Trapp is out of your budget, there are others similar to it.  They effectively serve the same function. 

3.100-Percent Cotton Muslin Swaddles

I never understood why people liked these things so much until I started watching a little boy whose mom showed me how to drape them over a stroller in order to help him fall asleep.  They are amazing!

- They are huge
- They mold to whatever shape they are laying on
- They allow for air to pass through
- They don't blow away

Whenever she forgot the muslin blanket and I had to find another blanket to put on top of the stroller while he napped, no other blanket worked nearly as much.

These are everywhere now, and the prices vary from $10-$20 per blanket depending on where you shop, but here's a pro-tip if you are on a budget.  Go to a fabric store and purchase "cotton gauze."  If you try to purchase muslin fabric, it won't feel like this and won't be the same thing.  If you purchase cotton gauze you can make your own inexpensive but just as awesome muslin blankets.  All you need to do is cut the fabric to the size you want, and hem the edges.  Voila!

4.  Spring Bean Clamps from Mommy Toolbox

I think you can probably get something similar to this at a hardware store, but I think these ones are adorable and they are only $4.  These are how you are going to get that muslin blanket to stay clipped to your stroller when your kid is older and trying to yoink it off. In fact, you can use these for tons of other things, including for building.  I love these so much.

5.  Kokopax City Carrier

We have a bunch of baby carriers including the Ergo, the Beco Butterfly II, a Kozy Carrier, a Moby Wrap, and a few slings.  Aias loathed them all.  What did he like? His MEC Kid Carrier hiking pack :P.  I'm sure baby wearing enthusiasts would just die over this information.  I have to admit when I first saw this I thought it went against all my safe and ergonomic babywearing beliefs, but I think it would have been perfect for a quick trip with Aias.  I know several crunchy parents with these and I think I'm going to give it a go with #2, not as a primary carrier, but as an easy and quick one.

6.  A Vancouver Diaper Service

With Aias, we used a Vancouver Diaper Service called Diapers Naturally for 6 months, and then we moved into an apartment with our own in-suite laundry and we used our own diapers.   I am in love with my diaper stash (which I still have), but I was not in love with things like scraping poop off and dealing with stripping diapers (we have soft water in Vancouver and I didn't realize this, and I really did a number on my diapers at first).  This time around we don't have in-suite laundry so we both agreed we'd sell the stash off and just use another Vancouver Diaper Service for a year, at which point we will re-evaluate sticking to it or using compostable diapers.

Diaper services are amazing because they clean the diapers using industrial methods, and you just toss them in a bucket and don't have to worry about cleaning them.  So freaking easy.  

Some diaper services in Vancouver include:

- Diapers Naturally
- Happy Baby Cheeks
- Happy Nappy
- Saucy Bottoms

Keep your eyes on the lookout for some Diaper Service review posts here on the blog after the baby is born;  we're going to try to review them all and see which one comes up as the best.

7.  Bummis Super Whisper Wraps and Bummis Super Brites

With most diaper services, you need your own covers.  We have plenty, but this print above (Bummis Super Whisper Wrap in Rocket Print) is the only gender-neutral print we don't have yet, so even though Morgan says we have enough, I'm going to buy it ;)  If we have a girl well... I'm gonna be buying a few more other prints too!

These were our favourite covers because they seriously never leak. They also last forever and don't wear easily, even with repeated use.

We're all entitled to our one indulgent and basically useless baby item, right :P Here's mine.  I want a lambskin rug for my naked baby to lounge on.  I could probably be convinced this is as bad as animal cruelty or wearing a fur coat with a little work, but heck,  I'll even take one that's faux.  Maybe even one from a local farmer/artisan.  I just think they look really soft and comfy.  I had pictures of myself on one as a baby and I keep seeing friends posting similar pictures, and I love them.

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