Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Our (Short) Journey to Baby Number Two, AND Win a TTC Pack from Fairhaven Health Worth over $124!

Just before this past Christmas, we decided it was nearly time to give Aias a little brother or sister.  He will be 4 in November, and I turned 30 in April 2013, so we figured we'd better get on it already.  We decided we'd start trying in April because we were hoping for a January-April baby (mostly because Aias is so tiny, and he's born in November, so he's not only the tiniest kid in his age group, but also one of the youngest).   So we set forward on a mission to do something we've never done before... get pregnant ON PURPOSE!

It may seem ridiculous to some people to do so much planning to have a baby, especially to people who have gotten pregnant accidentally or really easily in the past.  But the obsessive planner I am, I decided I wanted to do this in a very calculated way, to better our shots of getting pregnant ASAP.  I figured within 6 months we'd be pregnant for sure.

The first thing I started doing is charting my temperature.  I used the book  "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler, MPH and the free charting software on the forum (

The second thing I did was research vitamins and supplements that would increase my odds, even a small bit, of getting pregnant ASAP.  I talked to several friends, both that had an easy time getting pregnant and those who struggled.  Fairhaven Health and kept coming up, so I decided to contact Fairhaven Health about a potential review and giveaway.  Fairhaven Health is a small local business (well, they are run out of Bellingham, WA) and being a huge fan of that area, which is just an hour or so from here, I was thrilled to try their products and support them. 

In March I received the following products in the mail:

1 FertilAid for Women (this has a complete prenatal in it!)

I had started taking the FertilAid already at the start of March because I'd been given a bottle from a friend.  When the tea arrived, I started drinking 1 cup every day, each evening.  Morgan refused to try the FertilAid for men (he said his own vitamins were good enough, oh men), but he was happy to drink the tea, which he said tasted like licorice. 

Actual time to TTC snuck up on us, but thanks to charting and to some ovulation strips from, we had a pretty good handle on what we were doing.  When that cycle began, I started taking the Evening Primrose Oil until ovulation.  We also used Soft Cups and the Pre-Seed.

Here's what my chart looked like that month:

 Much to my surprise... on the morning of my 30th birthday (12DPO), after just one cycle of trying and taking these supplements, I was pleasantly surprised by this:

A positive test!

I'll spare you pictures of the dozens of other sticks I peed on because:

Anyhow, we are super happy.  I'm 12 weeks today, and we've seen the baby on an ultrasound and heard the heartbeat on the doppler.  Our "guess date" is New Year's Day!

Now, how much credit can I give to these fertility supplements in helping us achieve our goal so quickly? Who knows, right? I obviously can't know what would have happened if we hadn't taken them.  All I know is, we used them, and we had success on our first try! Would I recommend them to a friend? Absolutely, 100%!  The FertilAid is a full prenatal (though you stop taking it once you get a positive pregnancy test), the tea is delicious, and I can't honestly say enough good about Evening Primrose Oil (you can actually detect a DISTINCT and OBVIOUS difference in the quality of your cervical mucus when you take it). 

I can't say enough good about Fairhaven Health as a company, either.  They are incredibly friendly, down to earth, and above all, they want to see you succeed. They are in this business because they want to see people able to have the families they dream of having.  They are a company you can feel good about doing business with.  

Want to give these products a try? Thanks to the generosity of Fairhaven Health, I'm giving away the following items to one lucky blog reader in either Canada or the US:

1 FertiliTea for Women - $14.95 value
1 ViriliTea for Men - $14.95 value
1 FertilAid for Women (this has a complete prenatal in it!) - $28.95 value
1 FertilAid for Men - $28.95 value
1 Evening Primrose Oil - $13.95 value
1 Pre-Seed - $22.99 value

Over $125.00 value with taxes and shipping!

Enter below to win, and please share this giveaway with your friends!

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