Monday, April 15, 2013

What It's Like to Be Around Kids 24/7

I'm feeling a little uninspired today but a few people have suggested I blog about what it's like to have a Family Child Care and be around kids 24/7.  I thought some animated gifs would probably do better justice than any writing I could try to muster up today.

When the kids arrive:

When I've sang the Wheels on the Bus for 30 minutes straight without even realizing it:

What I'm pretty sure the kids think about me with regard to rules about safety:

When all the kids are here and I sit down on the couch to have some water or something:

When the bigger kids look out for the baby:

When we take a field trip to the firehouse to see all the cute firemen, erm, to learn about safety:

When we are attempting to cross the street at the crosswalk and someone doesn't feel like stopping so instead they blast in front of us and give us that douchey little "wave" as if to say they are sorry:

When the kids have to share or at least, not kill each other, over a common toy:

When someone offers all the kids humongous free cookies/lollipops:

When the kids say they want to walk home from the playground entirely backwards the entire way:

When the kids ask if they can cut each others hair:

 When it's nice enough weather to go to the park before AND after lunch/naptime:

When the kids are polite and friendly to pushy strangers on the street:

When someone makes a bizarre comment about why none of the kids I'm walking around with look the same:

When I've made something healthy for lunch, on time, and everyone eats it:

When one of the kids picks something disgusting up off the ground and proudly hands it to me:

How every bug, spider, pigeon, or squirrel probably feels when they see us arrive at Stanley Park:

When the kids repeat something inappropriate they've heard at home:

When 3-year-olds say hilarious things:

When someone doesn't make it to the potty, and it's poop:

When someone DOES make it to the potty, and it's poop:

 How to engage in loving and respectful conversation with babies and toddlers:

What the neighbours probably think is happening in my apartment all day:

When I've gone the whole day without spilling food, baby or toddler goo, or dirt on my clothes:

How I feel right this second when the kids are all on vacation, my son is napping, and I just completed this blog entry:

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