Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Introducing a Meme I Created to Make Fun of Myself

I'm at this whole new place in my life where I feel constantly humbled by the people around me (children, other parents, pigeons) so I do my best to laugh at myself when I can.  A huge part of my daily life is interacting with other adults via Facebook when I get the chance, so I see a lot of pictures of people's kids, and I post a lot of Aias.  Whenever I post a photo, I'm embarrassingly careful to not post something contentious for fear of causing Internet outrage or awkwardness. Sometimes I'm shocked at some of the criticisms that I see in the comments of people's pictures, whether they are true or not.

And so, I present to you, a meme I created to make fun of myself and probably some of you.  Not all of the examples below are true of me, but they are true of someone out there.

The meme is:

Well-Meaning Unsolicited-Advice-Giving Internet Mom, and if you think she's hilarious/relevant, you can actually go to The Meme Generator to create your own versions of this meme.

So without further delay, as Aias would say, ta-da!:

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