Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A True Story of Nosiness and Noisiness

The following is a real and true account of a ridiculous situation I lived through this morning.

I had a doctor's appointment this morning and I had Aias in tow.  He was actually in a fantastic mood since I was seeing the doctor, not him.  He kept saying that I needed to get a needle.

Once we got into the examination room to wait for the doctor, Aias started fiddling with a folder of information packets that was attached to the wall.  He had a particular interest in the syphilis folder.

He played with the folder through the brief appointment and then it was time to leave.  He asked the doctor if he could keep the syphilis folder and the doctor said he could have one information sheet, but not the whole thing. Aias was angry about this, as he wanted all or nothing.  Then he asked the doctor why I didn't get a needle.  I explained that I didn't need a needle, and Aias screamed "YES YOU NEED A NEEDLE!"

I let him know I was sorry that he couldn't take the folder full of sheets, and I was sorry I didn't get a needle and that this was upsetting to him, but that it was time to leave the room.

This was when the inconsolable rage screaming began.

The doctor had since gone and a person was trying to come in to change the paper on the examination table.  Aias wouldn't move.  I picked him up and we went into the waiting room, trying desperately to exit the building entirely, but he wouldn't stop screaming "GIVE MY MOM A NEEDLE! GIVE MY MOM A NEEDLE! GIVE MY MOM A NEEDLE!" over. And over. And over. And over again. 

I picked him up and sat him safely on the sidewalk.  I once again apologized for the injustice, and said it was time to walk home.  He screamed that we needed to go back, I needed a needle, and he needed the folder. 


He willfully sat underneath a bike rack on the sidewalk in a space just between the clinic and a Shopper's Drugmart.  Just as he was screaming, an elderly woman came out of Shopper's Drugmart holding a box of flattened boxes, and a huge bag of Vitamin C.  I only know it was Vitamin C because she dropped the bag twice during our conversation.

She looked at me, she looked at Aias, and it was clear she wasn't leaving.

Lady:  Why is he crying? What did you do to him?

Me: He's upset because we had to leave the doctor's office.

Lady: He's disturbing the peace.


Lady: I should call the police.

Me: I don't think they'll arrest him for having a tantrum.
Lady: They'll arrest you for his tantrum.

*Drops her vitamins. I step forward as to help her pick them up, she shoos me away. She picks up the vitamins, mumbling about presents her cat got, which didn't make sense until the next part of the conversation.*


Lady: I'm so glad I never became a mother.


Lady: I do have a cat. My cat would never behave like this.

Me: We also have a cat.

Lady: Does your cat ever have a birthday?

Me: I suppose yes.

Lady: Well mine does. And he'd never, ever act like this.

Me: Oh ok.... Aias it's really time to go home. I'm very sorry you are upset but let's talk about it at home, please.
Aias was still crying at this point.  The lady bent down to talk to him, so he went and held on to the stroller wheel so I couldn't get away with the baby:

At this point the lady had STILL not gone away.  She was just staring at all of us, waiting for the next move, I guess. 

At this point Aias was screaming STILL... not so much sad but angry, enraged really.  


Lady: Why won't he stop. Why is he carrying on like this. Little boy, please stop acting like this. It's rude.  You are being very rude.  Are you sure you didn't do anything to him?

Me: He's just upset about leaving the office, he's three, this is normal.

Lady: Don't give in to it! Little boy, you are being very rude! Wow, my cat would never act like this. I'm so glad I never became a mother.

*Drops her vitamins AGAIN.*

Lady: You could at least help me pick up my vitamins. Rude.
 At this point I just ignored her, and encouraged Aias to come on.  About 90 seconds passed, she said nothing and just stared.  I picked up Aias, propped him on top of the stroller, and left.
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