Sunday, March 24, 2013

Save $5 on a Lovable Labels Ultimate Camp Pack!

All my blog readers, friends, and family know that I can't say enough good about Lovable Labels.

I want to remind you again that now is your chance to sign up for their newsletter so you can order their Ultimate Camp Pack for $5 off the regular price of $44.95.

The Ultimate Camp Packs contain over 150 labels, making this their best value pack to date!  This pack includes 30 sticker labels, 40 slimline labels, 12 shoe labels (I can never have enough of these), 72 Press N'Stick Clothing DOTS, 12 square labels, and 2 mini metal tags.

You seriously can't ever have too many of these; every style has its own merits.  The slimline labels seem to be on everything my child owns (I rarely let him leave the house with anything that doesn't have one on it) and the clothing and shoe labels are invaluable.  This package has a particularly impressive amount of clothing and shoe labels.  Even if your kid isn't going to camp, these are great for preschool, daycare, school, traveling, etc.  They are also timeless, because your kid is probably not going to be changing their name any time soon :)

Remember, these aren't just "stickers."  These labels are dishwasher and microwave safe, washer and dryer safe, bleach safe, UV resistant, sunscreen safe, and water proof.

Remember, you must sign up for the Lovable Labels Newsletter to receive this special price!

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