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Reality TV Gone Way Too Far: Parents, Please Read

People who know me well know that I have a love/hate relationship with reality tv. We don't have cable or watch television in our home, but I've definitely been known to stream episodes of Teen Mom on the MTV website.  For the most part, I just think they are silly and they make me feel sort of embarrassed for the people involved, but I know they are well loved by many of my friends and family.

Yesterday I came across this information posted by Reddit user Pixel8 about a new reality show that was released by the Lifetime Network in the United States and that is now airing in Canada as well.  Please:

- Have a look through this information
- Sign the petition
- Share this information with friends and family

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Josh Shipp, the host of new series on Lifetime, 'Teen Trouble', has sent 4 teens to 'troubled teen' programs with histories of death, child abuse and neglect. One is still currently detained at a facility with allegations of child abuse, and a fifth kid is likely. No telling how many kids will be sent to similar programs because their parents saw the show and thought it was a good idea.

Please sign & share this petition: Josh Shipp and Lifetime Television Network: Stop Placing Children at Serious Risk of Ill-treatment and Torture

Another way you can help is to use social media to voice your opinion and save more kids from harm.


NEW ARTICLE! How Effective Are Tactics Used on TV Shows to Treat Troubled Teens?

Article: 'Abused' teens take aim at Lifetime reality show

Teens 1 & 2: Josh sent two kids to programs run by Aspen Education Group. Aspen has one of the worst records of child abuse, six people have died in their programs, they are currently being sued by 31 people who say they were sexually and physically abused, and they have been the subject of DHS investigations and closures. Chelsea was sent to Copper Canyon Academy against her will and is still locked up there; kids who went CCA tell of physical abuse, lack of medical attention and punishment if they told their parents what was happening. Jacob was sent to Outback Therapeutic Expeditions. (Episodes 1 & 2; Clip 1 / Full Episodes N/A)

Teen 3 Josh referred Asmara to Axios Youth Community, which closed the program in June 2012 under allegations of sexual abuse of minors and attempts by management to cover it up. (Episode 4, Clip / Full Episode)

Teen 4 Josh referred Ashley to A Better Tomorrow in Murrieta, CA which had at least 5 related deaths 2008-2010. Four people died at one ABT Murrieta facility, and a fifth suicidal teen slipped out and hung himself from a bridge. (Episode 6, Clip / Full Episode)

Teen 5? There is a strong indication that another kid will be institutionalized by the end of the season.

Bonus He has locked up every kid on the show in one form or another. Episode 5 showed Lexi forced to lay in a casket while locked alone in a room at a funeral home, Josh threatened to leave her there overnight. She was having issues because she was traumatized by waking up next to her dead father, she was forced to wash the hair of a cadaver. Episode 3 showed Samm locked in a public jail, she was held in isolation overnight and Josh threatened to keep her there for 3 months. Josh claims to be able to be a great communicator; when you have to lock someone up to 'break' them, you have lost.

The kids on the show need help. Whether or not abuse is occurring, residential treatment is an outdated and dangerous therapy for children. There has never been an independent study that shows it helps kids, the Surgeon General doesn't recommend it, neither does the APA, GAO investigations found widespread abuse, torture and death and United Nations entities have issued a joint statement on compulsory drug detention and rehabilitation centres. It can be worse than doing nothing at all, there are more effective ways to help at-risk teens.

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