Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Lego Lover's Dream Come True

A few days ago I was out to dinner with a friend from University who is now working toward a PhD in math at the University of Toronto.  I see this friend about twice a year when he comes home for the holidays and for the summer break, we go out to dinner and chat, and it's like no time has passed.  My friend is very different than me; he's single, career oriented, never wants kids of his own, and has plans on travelling the world and never settling down in one spot.  He's also very private; doesn't have a Facebook or Twitter, doesn't read blogs, and isn't very interested in the Internet (the horror!).  Despite our differences, we never run out of things to talk about. 

While we were having dinner, he asked at random "do you know anyone who wants some Lego?"
I laughed and immediately said, "Yeah, us!"
He continued to say, "are you sure, it's quite a lot of Lego..."
To which I responded, "Yes! Yes! YES!"
"You'll need to pick it up in a car" he said.  "It's a LOT of Lego..."

I showed up at his place the next day with a co-op car, and it WAS a lot of Lego; more 75 litres!  He also had Brio, Construx, and Meccano from when he was a kid.  It was basically a collection to die for, and he had been planning on getting rid of it!   He said he would have just sold it if he felt like it was worth all the time cleaning and organizing it, but that with his new job lined up it wouldn't even have been worth the money.  He said he already had more money than he knew what to do with so he was just happy to see it go to someone who was excited about it.

When we got home with it, we basically turned our home into a "Lego processing plant" for a few days.  My friend is 27 and this Lego had been in storage for about 12 years.  There was lots of dust to clean out, and the Lego also had some other stuff mixed in with it.  We took the Lego out in chunks and loaded it all into our bathtub.  We let it dry overnight, shaking through it now and then to dislodge any extra water that was hiding inside the pieces.  We transferred it to towels in the bathroom the next day for half a day, and then from there onto towels in the living room. 

It was a huge ordeal, but in the end, we have MANY MANY Lego sets to play with.  I think the Lego store will be pretty sad, but they probably won't be seeing us (or our money!) for a few months at least :)
Dark picture, but it's some of the lego drying
I literally couldn't physically lift this box and it's just ONE box

Bathing the Lego
Some baseplates we washed in the kitchen sink
He gave us some awesome Duplo as well, mostly train and farm themed
Headgear, weapons, etc
Lego monkey and parrots
Lego octopi and sharks
A cassette tape! "What is this mommy?" Hehe...
Some of the original boxes and instruction booklets that my friend had saved
This was the gem of the collection; a brand new in box Lego Monorail.
Some completed Lego Technic vehicles that were in another box
I sorted and lined up some of the minifigures.  I thought this was funny.
In the end, we had filled a HUGE Rubbermaid container with the pieces, and could probably fill a second with the pieces we kept out (the monorail set, a few giant space sets, etc).  It took a few days but our apartment finally looks normal again, instead of like a Lego factory.
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