Saturday, March 10, 2012

Train Table Purchase: Validated

You know those train tables they have set up in every toy store?  The ones you try to keep out of your child's sight unless you have 45 minutes of time to kill?  When Aias was about 16 months old, he became obsessed with these train tables.  We were ok with this because we sort of like them, too.  Last spring we came across a used one at Wee Ones Reruns and for $75 it seemed like a deal we couldn't refuse.  it was the perfect excuse to buy a train table of our own.  We booked a Zipcar and brought it home.

Well, until about 2 months ago it sat basically unused.  I was starting to think that Aias only liked train tables in the context of having been dragged around shopping for hours.  A few days ago, seemingly out of nowhere, both Elliot and Aias took a liking to the table.  Since then it's basically all Aias ever wants to play with.

I'm pretty relieved about this.  When you live in an apartment, you definitely don't need a gigantic table sized paperweight laying around. $75 well spent.

Staying on their own sides to prevent sharing drama.

Why limit your creativity to a table?

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