Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lego Technic + Wooden Train Tracks + Daddy

Daddy got annoyed that Aias's battery-operated Thomas train stopped working.  He had always sort of hated it anyway... it couldn't actually pull that many train cars behind it apparently. He decided he'd rather make his own than replace the Thomas one, because that's how he rolls.

I swear we bought these toys for our kid...

The chaos unfolds

Apparently this is three different lego technic kits. I'm not sure which ones.  It looks like there is a bulldozer piece in there, though.


View from the side

View from the bottom

Finally, a VERY short video:

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Don't Be Like Smug Snowman

When I first moved to Western Canada, the weather gave me a bit of a giggle. You see, I'm from New England which is located in the Northeast of the United States.  In New England we have four very dramatic seasons.  In the summer, the humidity and heat are so overwhelming that there's no such thing as "escaping in the shade."  In the winter, the snow is several feet deep and the air is so cold it feels like your skin is burning.

In Vancouver, it's not like that.  Sure, it gets hot. Very hot, even.  And sure, it gets cold. Very cold even. But it's really nothing compared to the east coast.

The first winter I was here, it snowed. There was probably an inch on the ground.  Kids were sledding in this "snow" and drivers had a hard time handling their vehicles. I was positively smug about this. When anyone said anything about the "cold" or "snow" I simply pooh-pooh'ed and said "WELLLLL I'm from the EAST COAST where there is REAL SNOW and REAL COLD... blah blah blah."

Last year we went to NH for Christmas and there was a horrible blizzard. The burning cold I spoke of above was in full swing. I was sitting in a restaurant with my family talking about the snow and how cold it was, when a snowman at the table next to us piped in and said:

"You think this is cold? HA! I'm from Antarctica!  Where I'm from, it's -90C (-130F)."

We rolled out eyes. The snowman continued.

"You think this is windy? HA! I'm from Antarctica! Where I'm from, the winds are regularly 90m/s"

We rolled our eyes. The snowman continued.

"You think 6 feet is a lot of snow? HA! I'm from Antarctica! Where I'm from, it's ALL SNOW AND ICE."

And then I suddenly got it.  The snowman telling us that he was from a place colder/snowier/windier than us, didn't make us feel any less cold. The smug attitude of the snowman taking every opportunity to remind us about this just made us not want to talk to him anymore.

Until meeting Smug Snowman, I always thought it was pretty funny to tell people about how much more impressive the weather was where I used to live, but as it turns out, it's actually just really annoying to hear... especially when you hear it from every single East Coast person EVERY time it snows.

Congratulations on being from or having lived in a geographical location where you've had tons of snow/cold/sun/heat/rain/etc.  We get it. It's all relative.

We totally get it, Frosty.  It's totally cold where you come from.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Camping in the Living Room

This Christmas we decided that instead of getting individual gifts for each other, we'd get gifts that benefit the whole family. Since we love camping, our "big gift" this year was a brand new tent and sleeping bags for everyone in the family. The second we got the tent home from the store we set it up in the living room and tested it out. Aias LOVES it, as you can see:

The picture seems like it's blurry, but that's because I took the picture through the screen of the tent.  It keeps the bugs out, but you can still lay back and look at the stars.  Aias and Morgan are in our individual adult sleeping bags that we zipped together, but we actually purchased a kid's sleeping bag for Aias, the MEC Explorer Down Sleeping Bag for Kids.  So far he's scared to go in it, but we'll work on that.

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