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Iron Kids Review and Giveaway

This post has been a long time coming!

I've blogged quite a bit about how Aias is incredibly picky about what foods he eats.  For a long time he was happily taking a liquid vitamin, which gave me some comfort.  At some point in early summer, he decided he wasn't going to take the vitamin anymore.  "Forcing" him to take the liquid vitamins or tricking him into taking them wasn't very effective; it's nearly impossible to force a kid to eat something and it isn't a pleasant experience overall, which I know would have just made him hate the vitamins even more.  Tricking him by mixing the vitamins into something would have been unreliable because it would have been impossible to know how much of the vitamins he actually consumed.

It became obvious I needed to find an alternative vitamin; one that Aias actually wanted to consume.  Chewable vitamins weren't going to cut it; he didn't want to eat them, even though they looked like candies. I contacted Iron Kids in hopes that I could sample and review the vitamins, and I was very pleased that they agreed!

We received the following gift pack in the mail:

What an awesome package to receive, don't you think! Keep reading, and you can win the same! Included in the package were:

- Adult Essentials Gummies Enhanced Multi-Vitamin with Omega-3 DHA & EPA
- Adult Essentials Gummies Smart Omega-3 DHA & EPA
- Iron Kids Gummies Vitamin D
- Iron Kids Gummies Omega-3's
- Iron Kids Gummies Multi-Vitamins

What struck me as hilarious was that Aias was really interested in this package, and when I was positioning the vitamins he was begging for them, even though he had absolutely no idea what they were.

Before I get to my review, I want to share a little more information about these vitamins with you.  Here are some facts for you to consider as you choose whether or not to use Iron Kids Gummies:

- IronKids use only Natural flavours and colours. These vitamins contain nothing artificial, no sugar coating.
- IronKids Gummies are Gluten Free and Nut Free.
- IronKids Omega is the first gummy to use 100% fish oil with no fishy after taste (seriously!)
- IronKids Omega Gummy won Canadian Living Best New Product in 2010- voted on by Canadians.
- IronKids was the first on the market with a Vitamin D gummy for kids (no need for those inconvenient drops!).
- IronKids is only entire brand line approved by Health Canada (this is a pretty huge deal if you ask me).
- IronKids Multi, Omega, Calcium and Vitamin D all won Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) awards in 2011- voted on by Parents in Canada and US!!

Then you have the Adult Essentials Vitamins:

- Adult Essentials Gummies  - Multi, Omega, B-Complex, B12, Vitamin D & Fibre
are pectin based Gummy vitamins – vegetable sourced (no animal sourced gelatin except in Omega’s).
- Adult Essentials use only Natural flavours and colours. Nothing artificial, no sugar coating. 
- Adult Essentials Gummies are Gluten Free and Nut Free.
- Adult Essentials Multi is the first Multi to use 100% fish oil with the Multi with no fishy after taste.
- Adult Essentials Omega Gummy uses 100% triple distilled fish oil, no contaminants!
- Adult Essentials is only entire brand line approved by Health Canada.
- Adult Essentials Multi, Omega, B-Complex, B12 and Vitamin D all won Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) awards in 2011- voted on by Parents in Canada and US

Aias demanded I open these boxes and show him what was inside immediately, so I did.  He then insisted that I open them up and give him some! Since he was only 2, I decided I felt best giving him just one of each.  The regular vitamins were shaped like little Iron Kids symbols, the Omega-3 vitamins were shaped like little fish, and the Vitamin  D pills were shaped like little suns. Aias got a huge kick out of the shapes.  He held them in his little fist, an action I'm familiar with; he often holds things like this in his fist for 30 minutes or so until he loses them.  I urged him to taste one, he licked it, then he chewed... and swallowed it! He then did it with the other two, and asked for more! Of course, with vitamins you can't really offer more.  I put them high up in a spot where they wouldn't be accessible to him, and told him he could have more tomorrow.

For the next few weeks Aias took his vitamins, totally loyally, every single day without fail.

Then of course, there is the matter of the adult vitamins... when Morgan came home from work and saw the vitamins, he was more than a little excited. You see, we don't ever have junk food in the house (because if we do, we will eat it).  We always joked that it was funny how when we bought regular vitamins they'd last twice as long as they should last, and when we have gummy vitamins they seem to last half as long... it was no different with these ones.  The fact is, the Iron Kids Gummies and the Adult Essentials gummies taste REALLY good!!! Too good, almost!  In fact, Morgan kept taking 5,6,7 of them a day!!!  I kept giving him trouble about it, but he just kept doing it!

One evening when he got home from work and was particularly hungry, he ate a handful of the multivitamins. I was so mad! We looked at the ingredients and looked up the toxic levels of some of them, then we Googled "ate too many gummy vitamins" and were cracking up laughing at how many people had done the same thing and were concerned. Fortunately, we didn't have anything to worry about.  The levels of vitamins in these gummies weren't super high; enough to sustain you but not enough to really overdose.  I suspect if you ate an entire bottle, you'd have an awful stomach ache, but the poison control center assured us you wouldn't die (seriously, we called!).

I would 100% recommend these vitamins if you have kids that are hard to get vitamins into.  There are other brands on the market that have higher levels of the individual vitamins and minerals, but that's not any good to you or your kid if your child won't eat them.  We talked to our pediatrician and he told us Aias could have 2-3 of these a day (talk to your doctor if you decide to give your kids these vitamins and they can tell you how many vitamins they think your kid should have).

As for the adult vitamins, I 100% recommend them, but only if you think you can control yourself around something so delicious!!!

If you'd like to see for yourself, please enter below to win a gift pack identical to the one I received!

***Please Note: This Giveaway is ONLY Open to Canada (or at least, this prize can only be shipped to Canadian addresses)***
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