Monday, December 17, 2012

Baking No-Expectation Cookies with Toddlers

Last year we hosted a cookie party and also made some holiday cookies to give to various people in our lives.  We involved Aias, of course, but this was stressful in a way because while we didn't need the cookies to be perfect, we needed them to be sanitary and look at least halfway decent.

This year I decided we were going to make no-expectation cookies with the kids.  This meant having no plans for the cookies; no list of people to give them to, no standard to hold them up to.  It would be a stress-free cookie free for all.

I put a plastic tablecloth on the table, set out bowls and rolling pins for both kids, and set to work.

Each child was able to dump in their own ingredients, mix them themselves, roll them into a ball themselves, flatten them themselves, choose their own cookie cutters, and put them on their own pan.  This made the process take twice as long, but it was quite fun for them and because I had ZERO expectations, it didn't matter.

Both kids had exactly the same ingredients, but at one point I noticed Aias was eating the sugar out of the bowl (prior to mixing) and the little girl I watch was eating the flour.  When they mixed the dough, they clearly had two completely different dough textures and tastes, it was pretty funny.

In the end, the cookies were cooked and edible.  The kids were proud that they had made them.  Everyone was too tired to bother decorating because apparently just the act of making the cookies was enough hard work.  Pretty funny stuff, and ZERO stress.

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