Monday, October 22, 2012

Win a KinderGlo Portable Night Light like Ours!

Aias is a horrible bed hog, so we are trying to encourage him to sleep in his own little bed.   This has taken much encouraging.  We wanted to try a night light that sticks into the wall, but Aias has an obsession with electrical sockets, so we didn't want something that plugged in, just so he could unplug it and shove something else into the socket.  A flashlight worked for a while, but I didn't like leaving him alone in a room at night with something he could remove batteries from (paranoid, I know).

I stumbled upon these KinderGlo night lights and thought they were adorable. Best of all, they are fun, safe, and portable. They looked like they'd meet my exact needs.  I had to try one, so we chose the hippo. 

When it arrived in the mail, I was really excited (as I usually am).  When I opened the box, I was pleased to see that the quality of the night light was even better than I expected. 

Do you see that little blue base underneath the hippo itself (5.25" x 4.5" x 3")? That blue base plugs into your wall.  You can plug it in somewhere completely out of your child's reach. During the day, you can leave your Kinderglo Night light plugged in so that the battery is charged so that your child can be given the device before they go to bed, but they have no access to the battery or the 6 foot cord itself.  This charger is compatible with all KinderGlo characters, by the way.

The KinderGlo nightlight has some pretty cool features, too.  It can be set to auto-shut off after 30 minutes, or to continuously glow.  It can also operate in four colour cycling modes; continuous cycle (all colours of the rainbow), or just red, blue, or green.

It is such a simple product, but it really meets all of our needs:

- No easily removable batteries
- Charging station
- No removable parts to choke on
- Auto-shut off and continuous glow modes
- Multiple colour options
- Adorable and fun for a kid
- Provides just enough light to allow for sleeping
- BPA and lead free

If you would like to purchase one of these adorable lights, here's a coupon code for free shipping on a KinderGlo Night Light: UN9X93CKLW93
Even better, if you'd like to WIN your choice of either a Hippo, Owl, or Bear night light, please enter to win below!

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