Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Best Airplane Toy, EVER!

We were walking to the park last week and stumbled upon a yard sale.  I didn't see anything outstanding myself, but something caught Aias's eye and he ran toward it immediately. What was it? A model airplane!

We weren't really sure what to make of it, because it clearly wasn't a toy, but Aias let us know that he had to have it.  It was pretty large, solid (maybe made of wood or metal) and looked pretty rad.  We asked the guy about it, and he told us that his uncle used to be a flight attendant on Canadian Airlines and this was one of the airplanes they gave the staff when they met various milestones on the job.

We were pretty inrigued but cut right to the question; what's this thing gonna cost, because obviously our 2 year old wanted it pretty badly. The guy asked for $10 but I only had $5 in cash on me. We said we would come back later and if he hadn't sold it for $10, we would buy it for $5.  He said $5 was fine and off we went.

Aias hugged it closely all the way to the park, while he was on the swing, and all the way home.

We're going to hang it up in his room soon.  He broke one of the engines off, but it was nothing a glue gun couldn't fix.

I figured I'd Google them so I could see some others like them, and OH MY WORD... they are normally really expensive!!!  Oh well, it's a toy now :)

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