Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Little Red Radio

This weekend my father-in-law gave me this little radio he picked up at a thrift shop for a dollar:

It has no screen. It has no cord. It barely even has buttons.  It doesn't play tapes CDs, or MP3 files.  It requires a few batteries and a few inches of space on the counter and that's that.

I couldn't be happier.

I love CDs and MP3s and iPods and digital music as much as anyone.  I love that I can program the music on my computer so that it will play whatever song I want, when I want it and that it can be set to a timer, etc, etc.  At the same time, sometimes I just want to have the option of not making any choices at all. My radio is set to CBC on the FM station, and static on the AM station.  I use the AM station as white noise when the baby I watch is sleeping and I listen to CBC as "background noise" during the day.

It's rad. 

At first Aias had no idea what it was and it occurred to me that it was because radios aren't really apart of his life. I'm glad it is now.  I only wish there was a kid's radio station around here.

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