Thursday, September 27, 2012

How Pinterest Makes Me Look Way Cooler Than I Actually Am

A few months ago I was looking at another mommy blog, and I could not believe all the awesome stuff she was doing with her kids. This woman seemed to have the most creative craft, snack, and activity ideas in the world, and I felt horribly inadequate.  I was chatting with my friend over at Duppa Dee and complaining to her about how incredibly un-creative I am. 

"Dude, that woman isn't creative at all. She just has Pinterest" was her response.

Huh? I had not heard of Pinterest. Ok, that's a lie, I had heard of it mentioned on Facebook but I had never bothered to look at what it was.   My friend assured me that this woman wasn't actually very creative, she was just getting ideas from this fancy "Pinterest" thing.

I decided to go look at Pinterest.

Oh. My. God.  She was right. This woman wasn't a fountain of creativity, she was just a skilled user of Pinterest!

I went ahead and joined Pinterest. Oh my word, it was a great few weeks.  I made all sorts of creative things around the house, both with Aias and for dinner. My projects were always met with great praise from friends and family, who now believed me to be the most creative and domestic person who ever lived.


The other day I asked the little boy I watch, Elliot, what color cupcakes he wanted for his birthday. Aias and him discussed it and the final decision was "rainbow." How on earth was I going to make rainbow cupcakes? Oh wait, I know, I'll just look at Pinterest.

I peeked at a few DIY rainbow cupcake posts, and I found one that seemed simple enough.  Tuesday night, Aias and I made rainbow cupcakes (don't worry, more on how to do it later, with better pictures.... but cell phone pics will have to do for now).

The next day I brought the cupcakes to a playgroup we attend on a regular basis. When people saw the cupcakes, they were beyond impressed.  I think I explained the simple process no fewer than a dozen times, while people listened in awe, totally impressed by my obvious cupcake genius.  Riiiiiight. I explained to a few people that I had just seen the idea on Pinterest, but they were like "huh? What's that" and I was sort of at a loss on how to explain something like this.

Oh well.   Thanks, Pinterest.

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