Friday, September 28, 2012

Become a Birth Partner with the Shanti Uganda Society:

I'm very lucky because my personal experience with pre-natal care and labour has been very positive. I'm fortunate enough to live in a country where my expenses were covered, I was able to have extended maternity and parental leave, and I was able to choose a birth program and have a fabulous doula present during my labour. 

We're certainly pretty fortunate here in Canada.  However, approximately 300,000 women give birth every day and in some countries, the experience is far less positive.

Uganda is a country where poverty has left its mark and millions of children have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS and thousands of women die annually in childbirth. With a tremendous shortage of health care workers, maternal health in Uganda is in need of critical support. 1 in 22 women in rural areas die giving birth and 18% of new HIV infections occur from mother to child.  Right here in Canada, there's a group of people who wants to offer a helping hand.  The Shanti Uganda Society runs a Birth House which provides mother-centred pregnancy, birth and postnatal care. Through the monthly donations of the Birth Partner program, the maternity centre is able to ensure that women have access to a dedicated team of midwives, which improves birth outcomes and reduces maternal and infant mortality rates.

I'd like for you, my reader,  to consider reading about this society and if you are able to swing it financially, to consider becoming a Birth Partner and helping contribute financially to this cause.

Through regular monthly donations, you can help provide essential pre and post-natal care for 50 mothers per month in rural Uganda: 

· $100 per month supports the birth of two babies/month
· $50 per month supports the birth of one baby/month
· $25 per month supports the birth of one baby every two months

Birth Partners will receive:

- A special welcome package and gift (if you become a birth partner in the next few days, you will get a necklace handmade by their Women's Income Generating Group)
- Quarterly email updates of the births you make possible
- An annual tax receipt for your donations

If you are unable to contribute financially on a regular basis but this cause really speaks to your heart, you can also help by volunteering from home, hosting a home party,  or donating supplies

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