Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Win a RingADingDing! Fun and Simple Teaching Resources Starter Pack

One of my favourite things about the Internet is being able to connect to other parents, child care providers, and educators.  Blogs and Pinterest are great for finding free printables and ideas for activities to use with young children, but not everyone is creative enough to sit down and make their own resources, and more often than not, some people just don't have the time.

In my search for such resources, I came across RingADingDing. Created by Vancouver based child care provider DeeDee Nelson, RingADingDing products are fun and simple teaching resources for ANYONE who is lucky enough to spend time with children... moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, babysitters, preschool teachers, child care providers, etc. DeeDee designed these activities by hand and brings over 20 years of experience and ideas together in these products, which include songs, games, and activities.  One must simply assemble these pre-designed, pre-printed, and pre-coloured activities and then they are ready for use with children.

DeeDee was kind enough to bring me a Starter Pack to review, and I'm also going to be giving one away to a lucky reader!

The Starter Pack includes a Basics Package and an Activity Deck.  The Basics Package includes 8 Daily activities with props. The alphabet, numbers, the weather, games, and more! Includes four handy high-quality clear ziplock bags for storage, plus one vividly colored popsicle stick for Bumblebee puppet.  The Activity Deck includes 48 fun and simple activities. It is divided into two parts: 24 Sit-Down songs, stories and finger-plays, and 24 Stand-Up pretending and movement activities. You will find a few lovely old-fashioned nursery rhymes along with many new favorites.

Here's what I really like about RingADingDing; while some of these activities and materials may look simple enough to create yourself, they are already laid out for you.  You don't need to get a colour printer, card stock, and sit down and draw.  They are also ideas you may not have had or would not have thought to compile yourself.  All the creativity of coming up with the activities, preparing them, and thinking them through is done for you.  Now, I know lots of people like to make activity packages like these for themselves.  However, if you are like me, you have somewhat limited time and would like to have a package like this kicking around for a day when you are feeling less energetic.  I have many half-completed activity packs laying around, and also several that I've used a dozen times.  When I used my Start Pack with Aias and the child I watch in my home, they were both really pleased to see something brand new and different from what they usually see.  The Activity Deck is also great to stuff into your purse for the playground, or even for when you find yourself standing in a line with a cranky child!

I think this Starter Pack would best benefit a parent or child care provider that is short on time and creativity.  Most of all, I think it would benefit someone who is new to spending time with children.  The Activity Pack, for example, has many familiar songs and rhymes in it. Are they familiar and simple enough? Yes. But have you thought of these songs since you were a child? Probably not!  I remember when I first went to a Mother Goose with Aias and I heard the Itsy Bitsy Spider for the first time; this was a song I'd probably heard a million times in my life, but ages ago, so I barely knew the words!  After hearing it again just once, I knew it like the back of my hand, and now it's one of Aias's favorite songs.  Of course, I needed the inspiration first... that's where this Starter Pack comes in!

If yourself or someone you know is going to be spending time with kids, I recommend this Starter Pack.  RingADingDing products are high quality and you can tell they were created and packaged with love.

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