Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Little Looster: Learn About It, Love It, Win it!

Potty training over the past few weeks has been pretty interesting.  A huge hurdle for us to overcome has been getting Aias to move from using his beloved IKEA potty chair to using a real toilet.  This hasn't been very fun for Aias because he's short for his age, and our toilet is pretty tall.  We had a few step stools around the house but they had been driving me crazy in the bathroom because they get kicked out of place, tip over, or get deliberately moved by Aias.   Having the square step stools around seemed like a good idea, but it actually made Aias hate the toilet even more. 

The first time I went to And Mommy Makes 3's house I noticed she had an awesome step stool in her bathroom.  It hugged the toilet, didn't easily get kicked out of place, didn't tip over, and seemed pretty toddler proof.  I asked her what this amazing product was, and she answered "The Little Looster."
I was intrigued.

Because it hugs the toilet, the Little Looster makes the toilet seat look a lot less tall and intimidating, and her kids had no problem climbing up onto it to access the potty.  I knew this was something I wanted to test out when it came time to potty train Aias, so I contacted the creator of the Little Looster, Monica Mylet, and asked her if I could review the product and give one away on my blog.  I'm happy to say she agreed!

I eagerly anticipated the arrival of the Little Looster because Aias was completely, 100%, totally unwilling to sit on the toilet because:

1. "Too tall!"
2. "Fall in!"

The Little Looster in all its glory
While the Little Looster won't make the hole in your toilet seat any smaller, it will make it a lot easier to balance.  Imagine how scary it must be to a little child having to balance themselves over a giant toilet seat with their legs dangling every which way!  It will also make it a lot easier to get to it in the first place.   I'll spare you a picture, but I'm pleased to report that Aias is willing to climb up near the toilet thanks to the Little Looster.  He's not willing to give the poo and pee up to the big toilet just yet but I'm sure that day will come. 

Here is another special benefit to the Little Looster, that may be a bit TMI, but I swear I'm telling you strictly for health purposes!  Because the Little Looster is intended to always stay in place around your toilet, it's not just for kids!  Having this product around your toilet is great for adults because it facilitates the squatting position during elimination.  Having your legs up while you poo is really good for you as it:

- Reduces gas and bloating
- Helps to more efficiently empty your bowels
- Helps reduce constipation

I'm serious, you guys.  Your kid will love it, and it will make your own poos 10x better.  And if you aren't a fan of putting your feet up while you use the toilet, no bother... the Little Looster won't be in your way at all. 

When my Little Looster arrived in the mail, it looked gigantic to me (huge box), and I have a pretty large bathroom (for an apartment).  I've seen it in smaller bathrooms as well, and I promise, it doesn't really take up a lot of space. It's made to fit snugly against your toilet so once it's in place, you won't mind it being there at all.

A million people asked me about it when I posted a photo of it on Facebook, so I know you guys want to win one for yourselves.  Check out the giveaway below to win one, and check out the website if you want to buy one right away!!!  Feel free to ask me any questions about this awesome product in the comments. 
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