Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hazelwood Necklaces: Read About Them, And Win One!

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I'm pretty skeptical, but I'm still totally fascinated and intrigued by alternative health methods.  I'm particularly interested when it comes to methods that could potentially serve as an alternative to putting pharmaceuticals on/in small children and babies.  For example, when Aias was younger, we tried out an amber teething necklace.  It was totally precious but I could never be sure as to whether or not it actually alleviated Aias's teething pain.  Nevertheless, he wore it because it was really cute. Maybe it helped, maybe it didn't.

A few months ago, one of my favourite people (that I will continue to mention again and again) And Mommy Makes 3 introduced me to the idea of hazelwood necklaces being used to soothe or relieve symptoms or various ailments such as joint paints, digestion disorders, dental pains, and some skin disorders.  Some of these ailments include:

- arthritis
- osteoarthritis
- gastric reflux
- heartburn
- constipation
- baby teething
- tooth decay
- cavities
- acne
- eczema
- psoriasis

Of course, I had to look into this.  I contacted Pure Hazelwood and asked to review this product, and they were so kind to have not only sent me a sample to review, but to offer a necklace to not one but TWO lucky readers.  

Now please remember, I'm skeptical by nature.  I also would never in a million years say something good about a product on here just because someone sent me one for free. I'm always going to be honest and 100% open with you guys always.  So here it goes: I was actually really surprised as I researched hazelwood necklaces.  You see, when you try to research amber necklaces, you get a whole lot of nothing when it comes to "the facts." Hazelwood is a little different... you see, the idea behind why hazelwood products help is that they create an alkaline environment in your body which may help prevent and appease many of the symptoms caused by acidosis.  This isn't something a magical earth fairy came up with, it's actually science.  For whatever reason, this is what hazelwood does. 

A little bit of visible "proof" is that from what I understand, the more acid you have in your body, the shorter life span your necklace will have (I'm not sure if this means acid that can be detected in your blood, urine, or both).  If you have a serious acid related issue, your necklace will often only last 3 months and you will literally see the necklace turning black from working so hard.  If you have a mild issue but still have lots of acid in your body, it may last 6 months.  If you have a relatively balanced pH, your necklace will literally stay the original colour it came in (because it isn't working toward adjusting an already "just fine" pH).  You can then wear it forever and it won't turn black. 

Interesting, right?  I sure think so.

Here's what's even more interesting: I've spoken with half a dozen friends who have tried this product and they all swear it worked for themselves or their children, specifically for eczema.  Now, these are people I totally trust, who are logical, scientific thinkers.  In fact, one of them had a baby daughter with pretty severe eczema, used the necklace, the eczema cleared, and then she took the necklace off and within 24 hours the eczema returned.  Guess what happened when she put the necklace back on the child? Yep.  It went away.  

Here's another testimonial:

“My little one now has 16 teeth and I never had to give her any medication for teething. Plus I’ve been off cortisone for my eczema since I started using the Hazelwood products.”

If you check out the Pure Hazelwood website, there are dozens of other positive testimonials (of course), but I strongly suggest you do some research yourself.  I think you'll actually be really surprised at how many completely rational, non-conspiracy-theory-believing, non-magical-fairy-believing people have found great success with this product.

Here's a little mini-testimonial for you as well.  When I got this product in the mail, it interested me because for over 4 weeks Aias had some dry skin around one of his eyes.  We went to the doctor a few times, and they simply said "it's a bit of ezcema." We tried to keep washing it, moisturizing it, leaving it alone, putting some benadryl on it, and nothing made it go away.  It looked terrible and I swear every parent thought I was taking him around with pink eye or something.  When my necklace arrived he was hesitant to wear it so I waited until he was asleep and slipped it on.  I slipped it on and in the morning the mystery dry skin was gone.   Did the necklace help? Who knows.  Would I put it on again if the dry skin came back? Absolutely.

Wishing I wasn't taking his photo, but there's the necklace!
I think this product is worth a try for ANYONE that has any of the issues above, particularly eczema.   The product is harmless, natural, beautiful, and inexpensive.  If your small child has eczema, maybe there's a chance a simple necklace can alleviate the frustration and pain for them instead of something more expensive and potentially full of chemicals. 

If you'd like to try if for yourself, check out the website, and of course, enter to win one below from Pure Hazelwood!

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