Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Potty Training: And So It Begins

It was inevitable, you guys. I'm now going to start blogging about potty training.

There will be many posts in this series, I'll tag them, don't you worry ;) I have an exciting lineup, too... quite a few very fun giveaways! Before the fun begins, first I want to start with a few disclaimers because I know the type of comments I'll get if I don't start there.

First I want to explain why I'm going to describe this whole process as "potty training" instead of "potty learning" or something like that.  Part of my reasoning is in line with the explanation professional potty trainer (YES!) Jamie Glowacki from Oh Crap! Potty Training uses in her new ebook (more about Jamie later).

Peeing and pooing is not a cultural thing; it's a human nature thing.  Where we pee and poo, how we pee and poo (standing? squatting? sitting), etc and what is culturally acceptable in our society, that's something kids learn. And just like you are trained when you get a new job, this is what we do with our kids: we train them.  No, kids aren't dogs or pets.  But kids are being trained (taught).  So call it potty training, or potty learning, or whatever, I'm going to get better SEO if I call it potty training, so there ;)

Second, I am going to be talking a lot about potty training "stuff."  Potties, potty books, potty DVDs, products you can use to help potty train your kids.  Don't get me wrong, you can do this organic and old school and buy or borrow NOTHING to enhance the potty training experience.  All your kid really needs at the root of it all is access to your family's toilet.  I'm not at all suggesting you need to buy a bunch of potty related crap (heh) in order to make potty training happen.  I happened to have taken the opposite direction thanks to generous friends and family and a love of all things for kids,  and this blog is about my experience.  Whether you buy potty "stuff" or not, yeah, your kid will be potty trained eventually. 

So those are your disclaimers, and consider yourselves informed that I'm going to be talking about poo and pee on this blog for the next few weeks :)


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