Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pants Too Long? No Problem! Win a Pair of My Hikes Pant Cuff Fasteners!

I really enjoy products that are both practical and adorable. My Hikes Pant Cuff Fasteners fall under this category.

I got my first pair of My Hikes Pant Cuff Fasteners as a gift from a friend who had a spare set (I'm talking about you, And Mommy Makes 3!). Aias has been getting hand me down's from her tall kids and while a belt can take care of the waist, rolling up the legs over and over (and over) again can be pretty tedious especially when you have an incredibly active child on your hands. I didn't want to pin his pants with safety pins just in case it came undone either by accident or by toddler. Just rolling the pant legs up was great for jeans but for sports pants or chinos, my rolling quickly unrolled. My Hikes Pant Cuff Fasteners came to the rescue.

You will know this isn't Aias because of the shoes, but those are the same train My Hikes he has and loves <3
When the My Hikes were given to us Aias saw the trains on them and immediately thought they were an awesome toy. They aren't a toy (and could conceivably be choked on by a very young child) but I opened them up and he clutched onto them for a little while. A few days later when I decided to try using them, I knew I had to be sneaky about it, so I put them on the back of his pants instead of on the side seam. I knew if he saw them, it would be game over because he'd want to hold them. He went all day with them securely holding up his far-too-long pants. As we were changing him into his PJ's, he saw them on the back of his pants and said "too tight! too tight!" I took them off and he held them in his hands for a while, still thinking they were just really cool train toys.

He's been wearing them on his too-long pants ever since, secretly hidden in the back.

My Hikes Pant Cuff Fasteners are a really useful and practical product. You could probably save a few dollars using safety pins or hemming your kid's pants, but I don't find safety pins to be very safe when a toddler can possibly access them and hemming pants just makes them un-usable when the kids are older. One single pair of My Hikes can really extend the life of your pants, saving you money in the long run, so the initial investment of these pant cuff fasteners is well worth the money. Above all, they are well worth using because of how annoying it is to constantly roll up your child's pants- they completely eliminate this.

Our My Hikes; Aias's special trains and the Dump Trucks we will open when the trains disappear
My Hikes are designed to be fastened onto the side seams of the pants so they hold the pants up optimally. You can take up to 2 inches off the total length of the pants. That's 2 inches of pant leg that won't get covered in dirt or rain water, won't get torn, and won't trip your kid. As I mentioned above I strongly suggest hiding them on the back of your toddler's pants if you think they will mess with them. On older kids or on less-picky toddlers, they look adorable as accessories on the outer side seam of the pants. The prints are things kids like; dump trucks, sports balls, trains, flowers, butterflies, etc.

I'm not sure who these cute little boys are, but they are rocking these My Hikes!
I can't end this review without sharing another thing; these aren't just for kids, my friends!  On laundry day when I was wearing my WAY too long Lululemon pants, I used these on my pants so I could walk the dog and not stomp over my pants in the rain.  Shameless.  Of course, if you are more shy you could always just use them backward so they won't be noticed :)

One last detail; ours have survived both the washer AND the dryer (oops)*, and being stepped on.

*It says on the package to make sure to remove them before washing and drying, so please don't put your My Hikes in the washer or dryer, but yes, I did by accident and they are perfectly fine.

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