Monday, July 16, 2012

The Flash Giveaway Headache: Facebook Promotions TOS Buzzkill

Last week I decided to try doing a Flash Giveaway of some awesome reflectors from  The contest was successful and lots of fun.  I thought it would be great to do a few more of them this week and I even have a few awesome companies that are providing prizes (Cute Cartoon Portraits, Andrea's Clips, Safees).

All was well and good, until earlier today when someone shared with me this article detailing the Facebook TOS for promotions:

Total buzzkill.

It turns out that maybe my method of doing Flash Giveaways isn't entirely in line with the Facebook TOS.  At least, I don't think it is.  At any rate, I'm in doubt enough that I think it's worth changing my Flash Giveaway style, even though I absolutely love it and I know it's effective.

I love having this blog and I love my Facebook fan page, and I don't want to lose either on a technicality.  Because I care about my own fan page and the companies I am working with as well, I need to change up my giveaway style.

From now on, my Flash Giveaways will take place using the Rafflecopter third party application.  To get to the giveaways, you simply go to the blog page and click on "Flash Giveways" as seen below:

If this is too small for you to see, click the picture for a larger image.

In all honesty, I'm pretty bummed out about this.  I know I see tons and tons of companies doing Flash Giveaways and other giveways using my old format every single day, and the reality is they will probably never get caught or have their pages taken away from them, but I want to keep Aias Dot Ca on the up and up.  This means following the Facebook Promotions TOS, even though I think it makes the promotions less fun and easy.  

Right now I have a current Flash Giveaway up on Facebook for Cute Cartoon  Portraits, both in the old style and the new style. I'll have to make a decision in the next few hours on what to do about current entries and such, but all future Flash Giveaways will be located here:

I'm still figuring this new method out, so I'll keep everyone updated on the new process as I learn more.  Apologies to anyone who was enjoying the old style of Flash Giveaways (I was too!).  I hope you'll still participate in these future giveaways.

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