Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Day We Discovered The Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company

This weekend was gorgeous so we decided to walk from our place in the West End all the way to our favorite Vietnamese sub shop in Mount Pleasant. It's a fairly long walk but it we were happy to do it.  As could be predicted, Aias fell asleep almost immediately after we left.  We got to the sandwich shop, ate our delicious sandwiches, and decided to head over to the Bloedel Conservatory.  On our way there, Aias woke up and was ravenously hungry.  We were on Main Street at this point and were hoping to stop for a drink anyway.  We looked around at a number of trendy places that looked fantastic- if you don't have a toddler with you, that is!  We asked ourselves "what restaurant do we want to torture with our presence?"  Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company caught our eye.  Morgan had heard they were kid friendly, so we decided to check them out.

Much to our shock, not only is Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company kid friendly, it's an absolute kid heaven!  We got a table located near two wooden play kitchens full of felt and wool food.  They have a kids menu to die for, organic and local ingredients, and a totally relaxed ambiance.  We decided to order a couple of cocktails and some antipasto for ourselves and a fancy kids drink and macaroni and cheese for Aias. The food was delicious (so were the drinkies!) and Aias played quietly and happily the entire time. It was such a nice treat to be able to sit back and enjoy some food and drink without having to worry about Aias getting hurt, upset, or driving the people around us crazy. 

On Sunday and Monday nights, kids can actually make their own pizza during the dinner hours at Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company, so we are going to check that out in the near future.  They also seem to have values that align with ours, and probably with yours, too, if you are reading this blog!

Whether you have kids or not, please check them out.  I'm telling you, they are awesome!  They also have locations in Kitsilano and Canmore, Alberta.

Check out Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company on their website, or on their Facebook.  

Crayons and colouring sheet, of course!

Normally I would never DREAM of entering a restaurant with Aias if there is an open stove around like this... recipe for disaster with a toddler! That is, of course, unless they are preoccupied with awesome toy kitchens :)

"Don't mind me, mom and dad, I'm just cooking!"

Antipasto- ALL OURS!

Yep. Free to enjoy our food while he played.

Taking a few seconds to enjoy his organic homemade strawberry lemonade sweetened with mineral rich maple syrup. 

Drawing trains for him, as always.

Making "soup" with the fruit.


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