Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Canada Day Parade to Remember (Or Alternately, to Sleep Through)

Despite having been on the board for the Pride Parade for a few years, I've never actually seen the parade.  In fact, I don't actually really like parades all that much because it's way too much time standing still in a crowd.  Since we now live downtown and only a few blocks away from where the Canada Day Parade happened this year, have it, we decided we may as well check it out.  I was pretty certain Aias would love it, too.  He had loved the festival in the morning, in fact, so much that he didn't even take his nap that day!

On the way there, he was pretty excited for the parade because we told him there would be firetrucks and construction vehicles. It seemed like it would be a pretty happening place for a toddler to be....

On our way to the exciting parade!

Eyes starting to droop....

Annnnnnd he's gone.

Yes. He slept through the entire thing.  Oh well, maybe next year.

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