Friday, July 27, 2012

Because Cutting Food Into Shapes Makes It Taste Better: Win a FunBites Food Cutter!

When you have an underweight picky eater like we do, you often find yourself willing to go to extreme measures to get them to eat.  In our case, I find it's worth the extra time to put some effort into the presentation of food.  Our great friend And Mommy Makes 3 gave us a set of FunBites food cutters, so we could cut various foods into little squares, hearts, and sailboats.  I loved them so much I asked to do a blog review and giveaway, and the kind folks at FunBites agreed!

FunBites are like cookie cutters, but a bit more solid and a lot easier to use.  Sure, it's pretty easy to use a cookie cutter.  What's not so easy is getting your food out of the cookie cutter in the intended shape.  FunBites makes this easy because it has a built-in press to push the shape out so it maintains perfect shape.  Funbites are also safe and easy to use, and very easy to clean.

Here's how you use your FunBites cutter:

Step 1: Place the FunBites cutter on top of food.  Remove popper top and set to the side.

Step 2: Grab cutter handles on both sides, press down firmly and rock 5-6 times to cut through the food.

Step 3: Lift the cutter up, insert popper top and pop out the bite-sized pieces!

Easy peasy.

The food looks adorable, too:

We've used our FunBites on a few foods now:

Egg (omelette)

Aias seems to like his food being in a heart shape.  When he tires of it, we will move on to sailboats.   The square cutter is also awesome because it makes things "bite-sized" and easy to fit into a travel snack cup.

We have a tiny apartment sized kitchen with limited storage, so I'm really picky about which kitchen gadgets to keep around.  FunBites are definitely worth keeping around. 

You know you want one, so enter below to win a FunBites cutter of your choice, either "Cube It!" or "Luv It!"

Don't forget to also check out their website where you can buy one FunBites for $12.99, or both for only $22.00.

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