Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This, my friends, is why I pee with the door open!

I'm sure the Emily Post Institute would agree that it's a common courtesy to close the door to any washroom while you are using it.  Sure, no one wants to hear or see you doing your business.  I used to abide by this rule often, I assure you.  In fact, almost 100% of the time, even if I was home alone.  However, since Aias was born, things have changed a little.  For a long time I just took Aias into the bathroom with me (I even closed the door behind me!) and let him sit in the bouncer on the floor.  When he was old enough to get around on his own, I let him crawl around on our (immaculately clean) bathroom floor.  When he started walking, it was sort of game over.  He didn't want to be stuck in the bathroom with me, he wanted to play with his toys or do whatever it was he was doing.  The older he got, the more of an issue this became.  The end result was that I started peeing with the door open.

I'm sorry if this appalls you, parent or non-parent, it's simply a reality for me at this point.

Once Aias turned 2, keeping the door open became more a matter of being able to listen to what trouble he may be getting into around the apartment.  I'm deaf in one ear so anything that enhances my ability to hear is a good thing; in this case, it's leaving the bathroom door open.  Generally he plays alone very well in his room and in the living room, but I worry a bit about the kitchen since it's an open space and while babyproofed relatively well, it's not 100% padded.  The kitchen is visible to me 99% of the time, the 1% of the time it's not is because I'm in the washroom.

Now I should mention that I only keep the door open if it's just myself and Aias at home, sometimes Morgan.  Of course, Morgan often gives me a rough time about this so I try to make sure to close it when he's hanging out with Aias in the living room or whatever.  In the event that Morgan is holed up in our bedroom working on something, it's fair game to leave the bathroom door open as far as I'm concerned. Someone's gotta listen for the kid!

So judge away at how horrible this habit is, but let me just show you some validation first.  Several weeks ago I was sitting in the living room putting a puzzle together with Aias when nature called.  I went to the bathroom to pee and left the door open (of course!).  About 5 seconds later I heard a stool being pushed across the living room floor, then the kitchen floor... I immediately cut it short, washed my hands, and walked into the kitchen to this:

Yes. Aias had pushed a stool into the kitchen, up against the kitchen counter, climbed up, opened the cabinet that contains the glasses and some food, and got himself a mug!  For what? I don't know. And YES, those are knives on the counter! AND YES THAT'S THE STOVE!!!


I maintain that I wouldn't have heard this with the door closed.

Please also note that I took the time to take a photo of this.


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