Friday, June 1, 2012

Putting Up Signs? Here Are the West End Bulletin Board Locations

When you aren't looking for them it seems like these public notice bulletin boards are everywhere.  When you go out with your posters and look for them, it seems like there are none. When I was putting up signs a few months ago, I ran into this problem. I went to the Central Library Branch and asked if they had any bulletin boards there, and they said no, but they handed me a typed form with some locations.  It didn't exist online, so I decided to put it here.  Here's a list of public notice bulletin boards in the West End* so that you don't have the same trouble I did.

Please let me know if any of these are no longer in use, or if you know any others.  

*Some of these are in the downtown area, not necessarily the West End

  • Barclay Manor- 1447 Barclay Street (between Broughton and Nicola)
  • Choices Grocery Store- Davie and Richards Street
  • Coal Harbour Community Centre- 480 Broughton Street
  • Creekside Community Centre- 1 Athletes Way (near Olympic Village/Science World area)
  • False Creek Community Centre- 1318 Cartwright Street (near West Hastings)
  • Granville Island Public Market-   Granville Island 
  • Kiosk on corner (pole)- Homer and Georgia Streets
  • Little Sister's Book/Art Emporium- 1238 Davie Street (between Bute and Jervis)
  • Marketplace IGA- 909 Burrard Street (at Smithe)
  • Marketplace IGA- 489 Robson Street (at Richards)
  • Nester's Market- 990 Seymour Street (at Nelson)
  • Robson Public Market- 1610 Robson Street (at Cardero)
  • Roundhouse Community Centre- 181 Roundhouse Mews (at Davie and Pacific)
  • Urban Fare- 177 Davie Street (at Pacific BLVD)
  • Urban Fare- 305 Bute Street (between West Cordova and West Hastings, in parkade near elevator)
  • Vancouver Community College- 250 West Pender (at Hamilton)
  • West End Community Centre- 870 Denman Street (between Barclay and Haro)
  • YMCA Hotel- 733 Beatty (at Georgia)

Happy postering!


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