Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Most Shameful Parenting Moment (So Far)

Ok, so I'm not proud of this, but here it goes:

Aias really likes watching Youtube videos.  The other day we stumbled upon a Mickey Mouse Club video that unfortunately turned out to be an hour and 20 minutes long (how is that even allowed!?!).  This is, of course, longer than I even normally would like him to watch any sort of screen in a given day, but we sat through it because it was raining, I felt lazy, he was potty training and not wearing any pants, and that's just sort of how the morning panned out.  When the video ended I was incredibly grateful, both because we had been sitting for so long but also because I cannot stand Mickey Mouse.  I thought we could just turn the computer off, get dressed, and go outside and play.  Of course, after the video ended, the screen showed a bunch of previews for other shows that he could watch.  Normally I let him click another (because you know, normally Youtube videos aren't over an hour long!) but I couldn't possibly stand another episode of Mickey Mouse.

I told him we weren't watching any more videos, and he started to whine and beg.  So I told him very clearly, again, that we weren't watching ANY more videos." This resulted in a tantrum: we were never going to be able to leave without tears.  The tantrum escalated until he was rolling around on ground, kicking his legs, screaming... you get the idea. 

At one point he was frantically pointing at a specific episode and I noticed that he was asking to watch a Mickey Mouse video that happened to be in a completely different language (Italian?), so I said "Aias, if you watch too much tv, you won't be able to understand it anymore!"  He didn't care about this threat (did he even understand the threat?), so I clicked on the video and the show began much like the first, except when Mickey started talking, it wasn't in English.

Aias looked at me with a very confused face.  To be honest, I was a little surprised he caught on so immediately that it wasn't in English; evidently he understands more than I may think.  He seemed confused and looked at me again, unimpressed and confused that he couldn't understand Mickey, so I said:

"See, I told you.  You've watched too much and now you can't understand it anymore."

With huge, shocked eyes he said to me "Ok, done. I'm fine. No show."

So we turned it off, he got dressed, and we went outside to play.

I felt guilty about this almost right away; I'd  not only lied to him which is something we don't like to do, but I'd just basically completely confused him about the existence of foreign languages.  I tried to make up for it by saying "Um, that wasn't actually from watching too much tv, it was just in Italian which is another language that people speak in another country called Italy."  I tried explaining this in a million different ways as we played outside.  This was, of course, probably no use because he's only two and a half. 

Hopefully the damage is not irreversible =P

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