Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More Felt Crafts You'll Be Sure to Finish: Fruit and Lego

Here I am again with my dorky 5 minute felt projects. I've actually created a tag called "5 minute felt" since I have a feeling these posts may continue to be a trend around here.

The way this whole quick felt thing works is that I ask Aias what to make and he tells me.  This time he told me he wanted fruit, so I asked him what kind of fruit.  His responses led to these:

The grapes are pretty rad because they are Velcroed on so you can peel them off one by one.

Next he asked me to make Lego Duplo blocks. I'm not too impressed with these, but here they are:

Morgan says he doesn't think those look like Lego Duplo, but Aias seems to believe it's what they are, so ha.

The Lego Duplo ones aren't super impressive but they are pretty useful in that Aias likes to sort them by color if I ask him to, and he pretends to stack them as though they were real blocks.  They were also very easy to make once I made the first one. 

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