Friday, June 29, 2012

A Little Game I Played to Better Appreciate My Comforts

I have terrible seasonal allergies.  When I had my allergy test years ago, the doctor said point blank to me that I'm terribly allergic to grass, most trees, dust, etc.  Most of the time I'm fine, but spring and summer can be brutal.  Two days ago, for example, was brutal.  The worst part about my allergies is that nothing works except straight up Benadryl, which also makes me pass out cold in a delightful (yet inconvenient) sleep.  When I'm sneezing up a storm and can't keep enough tissues around, all I think about is how miserable I am.

Yesterday my allergies weren't so bad.  I happened to notice this at around noon.  I decided that I would really notice how comfortable it was to NOT be sneezing all the time.  How amazing it felt to not have to blow my nose every 90 seconds.  How great it felt to just be able to breathe.

When my allergies hit, all I think about is how excited I am for when they settle down.  Of course, when they settle down, I don't think about the allergies at all... I take it entirely for granted.  I normally don't appreciate it one bit!

Once I realized this, I decided to play a little game of appreciation.  I took mental note of things that I find even mildly uncomfortable, and then I took a few minutes to really appreciate that I wasn't having to endure them.

For example:

- I'm really happy I can now lay flat on my back. When I was pregnant, I couldn't do this without great discomfort.  Now I'm not pregnant, so of course, I take it for granted. I laid on my back for several minutes and just really enjoyed it. 

-  I'm also really happy that I can now lay on my stomach! When I was pregnant, there were so many times when I wanted to, but of course, I couldn't.  Now I can!  I laid on my stomach for several minutes and just really enjoyed it. 

-  Right now I don't have my period.  When I get it, I get awful cramps and I wish it was far, far away. I don't have it now, so booya!  I sat around for a few minutes and was just really excited about this. 

-  Right now my mom, dad, and two sisters are alive and well.  Someday they won't be.  I'll be laying there wishing I could just be in a world where they are alive.  I'm in that world now, so I'm really happy about that.

-  It's not raining right now.  Need I say more, Vancouverites?

-  Right now I don't have a headache or diarrhea.  It's pretty rad.

-  My wisdom teeth also don't hurt. Rad x2

-  I'm not wearing high heels. 

You get the idea. Life is good!


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